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The role of an Occupational Therapy Assistant is to help people participate in the things they want and need to do through a therapeutic use of activities. The function of the OTA is not limited to other duties such as preparing materials and equipment, collaborate with health professionals, evaluate progress and maintain records, and clerical duties. The OTA works closely with the Occupational Therapist to assist in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, and direct activities. Occupational therapy is useful in many areas of functional life.

Helping children in their school environment is one example. A program can be designed to enhance a student’s ability to access and be successful in the learning environment. Curriculum may include tuning fine motor skills, handwriting skills, organizational techniques, and classroom modification in conjunction with the teacher to ensure successful participation. Another area suited for occupational therapy would be assisting the elderly. The OTA may assist with everyday functions such as dressing and grooming. Focus is to adapt the environment to fit the patient.

This can increase the chances of remaining in the home. Adults with limited vision can maintain their independence and complete daily activities with the help of the OT and OTA. Daily tasks can include showering, dressing, cooking, shopping, managing finances, and mobility. As an Occupational Therapy Assistant, I believe I can care for others personally, medically, and emotionally. I will be a productive and effective part of the dynamics between the OT, myself as the OTA, and the patient to achieve the quality of life that is my responsibility to provide.

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I communicate clearly, have compassion and reasoning, and thrive to become a rehabilitation leader. I can perform independently under instruction, possess organizational skills, and have sense of priority. Being part of the academic system for the past three years has conditioned me to balance life and college responsibilities. My anticipation of entering into a medical health program, such as Occupational Therapy, has allowed me to make adjustments and preparations in my life.

I feel that this is an appropriate time in my life to devote myself and become the medical professional I have always wanted to be. I chose to enter this profession because I feel that I can be a productive member of a team and provide physical rehabilitation to others in need. I have the capability to perform all the duties required of the OTA. My goal is to successfully complete the program and become an important part of someone’s life. Further education is a long term goal and am looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life.

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