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Organizational goals

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Organizational goals are the objectives and projects which the management aspires to achieve within a given period of time. The goals are created by all stakeholders of the organization to ensure the organization is directed towards a certain direction. The management should communicate all the goals and strategies being adopted by the organization to create awareness (Duncan & J. Pinegar, 2002). Characteristics of well-designed goals The goals established by an organization must be smart. This means goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Goals are said to be specific when they are clear and are not ambiguous. Specific goals enable an organization measure progress towards achieving the desired objectives. Measurable goals help the management measure progress of the organization towards achieving the desired objectives. Attainable goals are realistic in nature, that is, the management establishes goals which match the ability of each employee. Relevant goals address the skills and experience of the employees. When goals are time-bound they have a beginning and end time.

The time provides a frame for performing the duties and allows the employees manage their time properly (Duncan & J. Pinegar, 2002). Organizational goals of Apple Inc Apple Inc. is a company that manufactures computer software and hardware and its headquarters are based in Cupertino, California. The software manufactured by the company includes Mac OS X operating system, iTunes, iLife, iWork, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, and Logic Studio. The computer hardware manufactured by the company includes iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Macintosh computers.

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Steve Jobs is the current CEO of the company and has been in that position since 1997 (Linzmayer, 2009). The goals of the organization are to promote the competitiveness of its products in the global market by the use of innovation. The company has promoted leadership among its employees and has encouraged the employees to use innovative strategies to come up with differentiated products. The management of Apple Inc has been very successful in the establishment of strategies to develop the business management. The management uses leadership in the human resource activities.

This has encouraged the employees to perform their duties according to the standards which have been established for the achievement of the organizational goals. The employees are organized into teams which are the basic units of operation. All the teams are controlled by team leaders. The team members have a common vision and they interact to share ideas about the activities of the organization. The top management gives the teams adequate resources to conduct their activities optimally. Training is done to the teams to provide the most recent information in the market (Linzmayer, 2009).

The company has been effective in achieving its goals. Apple has introduced innovative products in the market and has been able to compete with other large organizations such as Microsoft and IBM. The company has captured a large market for its products by improving customer loyalty in the global markets. Steve Jobs has been a successful leader in the industry and the company has achieved great success under his leadership. He has 4established a culture which has made the company achieve the goals established by the stakeholders.

The communication between the management and the stakeholders has been enhanced by the use of enterprise resource management system. E-commerce has been effective in promoting the brands of the company (Linzmayer, 2009). Conclusion Setting the goals of an organization must match the conditions of all the stakeholders. Apple has been successful in establishing goals which are relevant in the market. The company has attained a competitive position in the market by producing innovative products. The leadership of the organization has been excellent. References

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