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Onamonpias in “The Analysis of Baseball”

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Ronnie Simonson Mrs. Brown W-2 2-26-11 The Analysis of Baseball A very famous author and poet May Swenson, wrote a poem called the,” The Analysis of Baseball”. This Poem uses many types of poetry elements. The elements that are primarily used in, “The Analysis of Baseball” are Onamonpias, Rhyme, and metaphors. In the Poem,”The Analysis of Baseball” there are many Onamonpias used as an element of poetry. In this poem Onamonpias are used to get the reader into the poem and give excitement.

The first example where an Onamonpia is used is when May Swenson says, “Ball bounces off bat, flies air, or thwack ball meets mitt. What that statement was saying was that the batter can choose whether to make contact with the ball or watch as it goes into the catcher’s mitt. One more example where an Onamonpia is used to give excitement to the poem is where she says, “Sometimes ball gets hit Pow when bat meets it, and sails to a place where mitt just has to quit. In that example the word POW is the sound that is going to occur when the ball meets the bat. Next in the poem, “The Analysis of Baseball” rhyme is another element of poetry used in this poem. In this poem rhyme is used because it gives it a scene of humor and helps the reader get a rhythm. The first example where rhyme is used is when the poet says, “Ball hates to take bat’s bait. ” What that is saying is that the ball doses not want to come into a coalition with the bat or have a big impact.

The next example of rhyme that is used stated is,” Ball flirts, bats late, don’t keep the date. ” What that meant was that the batter was late to swing and now cannot hit the ball. The last main element of poetry that was used in, “The Analysis of Baseball” is Metaphors. One example of a metaphor is when May Swenson says, “Bat waits for ball to mate. Ball hates to take bats bait. ” In that verse May Swenson is saying that the batter has swung and missed the ball and now has a strike because the bat wants to mate but the ball does not want to take bats bait.

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The next example where a metaphor is used is when she says, “Ball flirts, bats late, don’t keep the date. ” What that statement was saying is the batter has once again swung and missed and now has an additional strike. This poem has used many types of elements of poetry. May Swenson used metaphors, rhyme, and Onamonpias to give this poem excitement and also help give the reader meaning to the poem. This poem also tells the reader what is happening without really even telling them what is happening.

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