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Northanger abbey: Overview

Thesis In the history of English literature it’s difficult to specify a genre, even Gothic novel by resonance and measure the impact on other styles, trends, genres.Chronological framework of its existence, in the opinion of the vast majority of researchers limited the end of the XVIII – beginning of the nineteenth centuries.However, traces of “Gothic” poetics, especially its artistic language and philosophical thinking can be recognized in the work of writer Jane Austen.

Logical and important question is the tatus of the Gothic in Jane Austen, namely in the novel “Northanger Abbey” – the status of genre, poetological, aesthetic, ideological.

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In the main part we have given the definition of the Gothic genre, and have found his place in the novel ” Northanger Abbey” identified writing style, tone, name origin, setting, we have analyzed plot, identified narrators point of view, found the used symbols.

In conclusion, we have learned that the whole work is permeated with hidden quotations, allusions and reminiscences, including literary discussions between heroes around novel and orecasts developments, dense, albeit controversial, parallels at characters, perpetual comparison of weather and scenery of “udolfskymy” ; We observe the formula CL Pitt the transformation of the Gothic novel (romance) in the household (novel); Also we have explored favorite means writers with the help of which she deliberately changes and scale depicted in the novel offers a look at reality through the eyepiece, in which things, people, events are not given in a close-up, in Gothic but are quite smaller.

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