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Norm Referenced Tesing

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| | | | | | | | | |10/20/2012 3:39:49 PM | | | | | |Norm-Reference tests are “most appropriate when one wishes to make comparisons across large numbers of students or important | |decisions regarding student placement and advancement” (Assessment purposes, 2011). One example of a Norm-Reference test would | |be the COMPASS Test which is given to students entering college. This test assesses the reading, writing, and mathematical | |level of students in order to determine which English and math class individuals are placed in order to give the best | |opportunity for success as they begin their college education. The COMPASS assesses individuals by using the lower taxonomy | |levels.

After completion of the test, students are placed in a remediation level English or math class if they fail to | |demonstrate the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the concepts at these lower cognitive levels. | |Criterion-Reference test are “most appropriate for quickly assessing what concepts and skills students have learned from a | |segment of instruction” (Assessment purposes, 2011). In Georgia, the Criterion-Reference Competency Test (CRCT) test the skills| |and knowledge gained over the curriculum taught throughout the school year. Higher taxonomy levels are being assessed as | |students must demonstrate their comprehension, application, analysis, and synthesis of the grade level curriculum.

When | |students receive their results, they have an idea of where they stand academically compared to the standards covered. Unlike | |Norm-Referenced test, this test does not result in student placement when moving toward the next grade level. | |Although both test serve a purpose, in my experience, Norm-Reference test are great for individual assessment and the ability to| |use lower level taxonomy skills such as knowledge and comprehension. The CRCT serves its purpose of rating individuals in | |comparison to the content and curriculum they should know by having students demonstrate through critical thinking skills as | |they analyze each question. I believe the CRCT is better served for evaluating educators rather than students.

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Norm Referenced Tesing

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With | |mainstreaming students into the regular education setting, it is difficult to gain a true reading of how well the higher levels | |of Bloom’s Taxonomy are addressed and used in the general education setting. | |  | |References | |  | |  | |Assessment purposes. (2011, Nov 23). Retrieved from http://www. edtech. vt. edu/edtech/id/assess/purposes. html | | | | |

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