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Business Ethics and Community Service at Cutbacks and McDonald’s

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A company's business ethics delineates the ethical standards within an organization and a code of business ethics supports these standards by providing behavioral guidelines on daily activity such as product safety, employee health, smoking, waste espousal, conflict of interest, employee privacy and sexual harassment. This paper will touch the basic aspects of the Code of Business Ethics of Cutbacks Corp.. And McDonald's Corp.. Cutbacks is a company characterized for having a positive impact on the communities It serves.

It engages In community service by dedicating and donating time to help communities thrive and to make positive changes in local neighborhoods. More specifically, Cutbacks works collaboratively with nongovernmental organizations that have experience and expertise in working with farming communities. In Indonesian Ache province, Cutbacks founded the BLEND aerogram to improve the children's health in that coffee growing community. The program started in 2009 (Cutbacks, 2013), and since then has helped more than 40 communities in the Bender Merriam District.

In a constant effort to build strong human relations, Cutbacks continuously involves in the Integration and celebration of cultures. According Cutbacks (201 3), "The goals of the Diversity and Inclusion team Include building a diverse workforce, increasing cultural competencies, shaping a culture of inclusion and developing a diverse network of suppliers. " McDonald's' corporate social responsibility plan demonstrates the impact of their equines In making the world a better place.

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It Is committed to environmental responsibility focusing in areas such as adopting energy efficient behaviors thru the Installation of Improved cooling and heating systems and state-of-the-art equipment, which main purpose is to improve efficiency. The introduction of these new equipments has helped to avoid approximately $5 million In energy costs during 2011 and 2012 (McDonald's Insights, 2012). McDonald's also collaborates with other 1 OFF responsible practices in key suppliers' operations. McDonald's achieved the goal of making 100% of its suppliers sign its code of conduct.

According to McDonald's Insights (2012), "Our commitment to source more of our food and packaging from sustainable sources has resulted in significant progress" (p. 5). They made it possible to use of palm oil only; 99% of their white fish comes from sustainable fisheries; and 100% of the coffee served in Europe, Australia and New Zealand comes from Rainforest's Alliance Certified (McDonald's Insights, 2012). Through the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the company raised $33. 7 million in 2011 directed to improve the lives of children and their families in our communities.

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