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My Journey of Looking for Career

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I begin my journey of looking for career options for myself. I went to the Princeton website and did the career quiz that was provided. There were four colors used to classify you which were “Red” for Expediting, “Green” for Communicating, “Blue” for Planning, and “Yellow” for Administrating.

After answers the questions it classified me in both interest and style as a “Blue”. “Blue” interest stands for people that like being in creative, thoughtful, and slow-paced relaxed activities. Which including teaching, writing, etc. And “Blue” style which means that they like to do their work in a way to help others and where they like to have enough time to reflect on their work before acting.

Some the careers it showed me that said were best suited were Animator, Editor, Journalist, Psychologist and such.  Which I thought to be very intriguing and great options, especially the Animator one, because of how I have mentioned before that I love to draw and express not only myself but also a message or a story.

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Afterwards, I took the Interest Profiler and after answering all sixty questions my results were as followed: Social 38, Artistic 28, Enterprising 22, Realistic 8, Investigative 6, and lastly Conventional 5. And honestly, the quiz surprisingly describes me particularly good. I believe the social one is remarkably high as I consider my personality type as a mix of both introvert and extrovert. To add to that, I also love to help others as much as I can.

The Artistic category would be second as I enjoy to creatively express myself for example drawing. Enterprising is third as I am more both of a thinker and a judger which means I use rational logic, analyze facts, and prefer planning things out to make decisions. And as for the last three which are Realistic, Investigative, and Conventional are not exactly high of interest to me.

Now I look through the Job Zones and chose the level of preparation I would personally want. After reading through each level of preparation I picked number four, high job preparation. Now most of the jobs presented to me were jobs I was really interested in some were diverse kinds of teachers, social workers, music focused, etc.

But one that really interested me was the Recreational Therapist, they provide aid to other people through treatment activities to improve their mental and physical health. When looking through the options it showed me, I noticed that some were categorized as “Bright Outlook”, which meant that these specific occupations are predicted to quickly be growing in the future.

It told me this is vital information that I should be taking into mind when looking for a job. Yet, I couldn’t find careers that were “Bright Outlook” and that they would attract me towards them. While, analyzing and looking through the assorted options I also noticed that show interest in types of psychology and anything that gives me the freedom to incorporate creativity in anyway.

The first career I chose is an Animator. The tasks needed to be completed by animators are creating stories, bring pictures to life, use computers to produce 2D and 3D images, and designing. The tools they use are computers, stylus, tablets specific for graphics, and cameras.

Technology that Animators usually use are all kinds of software such as Graphics, designer, publishing, environment development, spreadsheet, video producing, and platform development. Knowledge that is needed for this specific career are how to communicate through the media, need techniques on how to design, and how electronics work.

The skills necessary to become an animator is to be an active listener, being able to understand sentences/ paragraphs, having problem solving skills, being able to manage their time, coordinate with others. Furthermore, abilities animators must have are to express themselves and understand orally and to be a very visually oriented person.

Their work activities include working closely with computers, communicate with others, gather information, and integrate creativity into their work. The main work contexts are discussing with other people, spend their entire day in a controlled environment, looking through emails and being on their phones daily, and have lots of freedom to make their own decisions.

The interests someone in this career most probably will have are artistic and investigator based on the O*Net quiz. Along with their work style includes paying an immense amount of attention to many details, able to work/cooperate with other people, the ability to adapt to new conditions, and the will the achieve tasks.

People in this field value having independence over their work, like to feel accomplished and appreciate working in good working conditions. Finally, related careers to Animators are Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Film and Video Editors, Technical Directors/Managers, and Director- Stage, Motion Pictures, Television and Radio.

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