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Miranda Priestly OB

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Locus of control: It can be observed throughout the movie how Miranda tried to control ever thing around her. Every decision taken by her was considered to be final. There is a dialogue "Her opinion is the only opinion that matters", it show how she controlled everything around her. Self Esteem: (Tendency to rate one very high) Miranda rated herself above everyone. She likes to believe that, if it's for her then anything is possible. She never allows anyone to ever ride lift with her. A person leaves lift as soon as Miranda enters lift for her and waits for the other en to arrive.

Lack of emotional Intelligence: Miranda lacks emotional intelligence. During many of the incidences she tends to ignore the emotions of the people around her. For instance when her assistant fails to book flight for her, she makes her feel very bad even though it was not her mistake. In one of the incidences even though she knew her first assistant was looking forward for the trip to Paris, and has been dieting and planning for over months, even though she neglects her and takes a new assistant with her. She never cared to learn the name of her employee and called by any name she felt .

Job Fit: She is the most job fit for her job. She has knowledge of her domain and she makes sure job is done at all cost. A famous designer displays his designs before Paris show to Miranda. He thinks it was his best work but Miranda directly rejects the collection and the designer changes his collection to receive applaud during the main show. Pygmalion Effect: The process of bringing the best out of others. Miranda always expected the best out of each and every of her employee. When a new assistant joins, Miranda pushes her to extreme always expecting the result out of her.

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Miranda Priestly OB

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She sometimes gave impossible task to her employee like booking flight during storm or procuring an unpublished Harry potter book. Due to her constant supervision she always brings out the best in people. Andrea "Andy' Cash land an interview with an fashion industry magazine which is names as a job "a million girls would kill for". The job is as junior personal assistant for editor of Runway fashion magazine. Andrea is a fresh out of college and is looking for a job to jump start her career, even though he dislikes fashion industry, she accepts the job.

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