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Mental Health And Dementia

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Health is a province of complete physical, mental and societal wellbeing and non simply the absence of disease or frailty ( WHO, 1948 ) .Mental wellness therefore is an built-in constituent of entire wellness. India is a huge state with heterogenous socio-cultural conditions predominating in different part which have an of import bearing on the mental wellness job.

Dementia is a syndrome attributed to disease of the encephalon, normally of a chronic or progressive nature, in which there is perturbation of multiple encephalon maps. These damages may include computation, larning capacity, linguistic communication and judgement. It normally considered present merely when there is attendant impact on societal or occupational map. Consciousness is normally unchanged. There may besides be impairment in emotional control, societal behavior or motive. In other words, it is non merely memory loss but a complex status that affects more than one cognitive facet ( Woodford, Henry.2010 )

The word dementedness comes from the Latin word `` demens '' intending 'without a head. Dementia refers to a group of upsets characterized by neglecting memory and loss of other rational maps ensuing from multiple causes. One of the of import causes of dementedness is Alzheimer 's disease. This disease or doddering dementedness is a chronic, progressive and deteriorate encephalon upset accompanied by profound effects on memory, knowledge and ability for ego attention. It normally occurs in the late 60 's. The oncoming of mental symptoms is so insidious, that neither the household member nor the patients can day of the month its beginning. Daily activities are forgotten, assignments non maintain and societal behaviours become changed. Stable matrimonies may be disrupted by sexual injudiciousness.

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Dementia is a neuro-degenerative unwellness which chiefly affects the aged. Cases besides have been reported in their in-between age. Having said that it can impact younger people excessively. Many a manner, fondness of dementedness to a individual is truly a menace to his or her household, physically, psychologically, economically and socially.

Adjusting to the world of Alzheimer 's disease ( AD ) in a loved one is a complex and hard procedure. Adjusting to AD is seting to decease because AD is a fatal disease and one that frequently involves a lingering decease, the phases of heartache that household members go through. Looking after the AD patient is a unit of ammunition the clock attempt and largely the nearest household member who plays the function of this attention giving. The attention givers are go throughing through a series of conflicting and dying phases, when the AD advancement. The attention givers are physically disturbed, emotionally down, socially stray and financially broken. Bing a attention giver for an AD patient is one of the most nerve-racking state of affairss one can of all time conceive of. It is so a calamity to see a individual you may hold loved and respected disintegrate before your really eyes.

This research purpose to analyze the jobs faced by the Carers of the Alzheimer Patients of Mar Basalio Medical Mission Hospital, Kothamangalam, India.

Theoretical background

What is Alzheimer 's disease?

Alzheimer 's disease is a degenerative disease of the encephalon from which there is no recovery. Slowly and inexorably, the disease attacks nerve cells in all parts of the cerebral mantle of the encephalon, every bit good as some environing constructions, thereby impairing a individual 's abilities to regulate emotions, recognize mistakes and forms, coordinate motion, and retrieve. At the last, an stricken individual loses all memory and mental operation.

The symptoms of Alzheimer 's disease.

Mild damage in thought is now believed to be a important mark of early-stage Alzheimer 's in older people. The early symptoms of Alzheimer 's disease may be overlooked because they resemble marks of natural aging. These symptoms include:


Loss of concentration.

Unexplained weight loss.

Motor jobs, including mild troubles in walking.

In healthy persons, similar symptoms can ensue from a figure of common aging jobs:

  • Fatigue.
  • Grief or depression.
  • Illness.
  • Vision or hearing loss.
  • The usage of intoxicant or certain medicines.

Simply the load of excessively many inside informations to retrieve at one time.

Problems faced by the attention givers

The jobs of the attention givers are diverse. Some of the closest relations of the sick persons might to through a grief process- a daze province where they may be in a province of emotional numbness, subsequently a face of denial, where they do non accept the job and so a period of B bargaining ( why me ) where they may seek to intellectualize the agony until adjustment sets in. Those who may non make the phase of accommodation may stay angry and disoriented which could take to mistreating the AD patient physically or mentally. Care givers ill tolerate physical aggression, verbal maltreatment, rolling, fecal smearing, inappropriate micturition, sleep perturbation and restlessness by twenty-four hours.

Johns G & A ; Miesen B ( 1992 ) found out that household members experience many negative feelings as they care for a individual holding dementing unwellness. Some feel sad, demoralized and entirely, while some feel angry guilty or hopeless and experience tired. Normally female relation of the ill individual assumes the lead function in attention giving. The primary attention giver is one most affected by the load of attention giving.

The emotional reactions experienced by primary attention giver and other household members may be considered in item. Anger is apprehensible for the primary attention giver to experience defeated and angry, angry that this has happened to her, angry that she has to be care giver, angry with others who do n't look to be assisting, angry with the impaired individual for his irritating behaviour, angry that she is trapped in the state of affairs.

It is merely humane to be angry when faced with the loads and losingss caused by a demanding unwellness. Expressing the choler to the ill individual frequently makes his behaviour worse. It is helpful to happen out other mercantile establishments for the defeats of the primary attention giver.

Embarrassment is another job. Often the behavior of a individual holding AD is inappropriate and awkward. So household members feel abashed. It is common for household members to experience hopeless, demoralized in the face of AD. Depressed people may besides experience dying nervous or cranky. A chronic AD takes its toll on emotions of the attention givers and provides a existent ground for experiencing low.

Peoples who care for a individual with AD are frequently tired merely because they are non acquiring plenty remainder. So the primary attention giver may see weariness and is more prone for serious unwellness.

As mentioned before, the primary attention giver is the individual is the most to a great extent affected by the procedure of attention giving. As the primary attention giver is frequently a female she may besides hold to take the duty of looking after your kids and her hubby. In many households with an AD patient, the predicament of the primary attention giver is so hapless.

Howard Gruetzner ( 1998 ) pointed out some ways for cut downing health professionals emphasis. Care givers need to assist themselves. Alzheimer 's household support group is to assist household members cope successfully with the unwellness. Counseling besides can be sought. Care givers may forestall some emphasis by using their forces and societal support resources.

Community resources for AD attention

Alzheimer 's household support groups:

These groups provide attention givers with support in hooking with the unwellness and in covering with jobs experienced in attention giving. Self-support groups

besides can be a beginning of information about the disease and community resource. Participants experience similar jobs and help each other in doing

determinations about attention. The emotional accommodation of the household to the unwellness is promoted by such groups.

Respite care

This type of service provides household members with occasional alleviation from the force per unit areas of uninterrupted attention giving. Such alleviation can forestall premature institutionalization of the patient as a consequence of the attention givers physical and emotional emphasis. Formal reprieve plans offer services runing from several hours to several hebdomads alleviation.

Adult day care:

Some twenty-four hours plans are designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer 's. Day care provides exercising, activities, diversion, support of day-to-day life accomplishment reding, and monitoring of the participants general wellness. Such plans can assist individual with Alzheimer 's maintain some abilities that would otherwise deteriorate more rapidly.

Home health care:

Some twenty-four hours plans normally can supply nursing and forces attention services to patients in their places.

Community mental health center:

Some community mental wellness centres have specialized geriatric plans that can be really helpful in the direction of the Alzheimer 's patient and supportive of the household attention giver. These plans can supply a broad scope of services including comprehensive appraisal, psychiatric ratings, single group and household guidance.

Statement of the problem

Ad occurs in about all states of the universe. But in developing and developing states like India, the pull offing scheme of AD is relatively less than developed states. Every patient needs much more attention and love from his nearest relations, particularly the attention giver. The procedure of working with an AD is one that requires more forbearance and sensitiveness. Unfortunately, most of the attention givers are in province of anxiousness and depression, ever kicking about their psycho bodily perturbations, insomnia etc. and ; non get bying with the world and their by increasing their trouble.

Though many major research surveies have been done in respect with the etiology, symptoms and behavioural alterations of the AD patients, the jobs of the carers, particularly in India, have been neglected. Through this survey, the research worker aims to analyze the assorted jobs faced by the attention givers of AD patients of Mar Basalio Medical Mission Hospital. The research worker besides tries to understand the relationship between extend of damage of AD patient and direction troubles faced by the attention givers. In add-on to this, besides tries to happen out the extend of societal support system and the header schemes for pull offing attention givers job.

Research objectives

To critically reexamine the assorted literatures related to the Alzheimer 's disease.

To roll up and analyse the jobs faced by the Carers of Alzheimer patients in Mar Basalio 's Medical Mission Hospital.

To critically measure the collected informations of jobs faced by the Carers of the Alzheimer patients in the infirmary.

To do possible recommendations and suggestions to the Carers and the AD Clinic of Mar Basalio 's Medical Mission Hospital, Kothamangalam, India.

Mar baselios medical mission hospital

Mar Baselios Medical Mission Hospital is situated in Kothamangalam, Ernakulam territory, Kerala, India. The infirmary is managed by Malankara bishopric of Kothamangalam. The infirmary is an 800 bed multi disciplinary super forte infirmary and employs a squad of good trained, qualified and dedicated staff with a mission to present quality intervention to all people of different walks of life. The hospital direction believes in functioning the community through Christian values and adheres to rules of love and compassion. Mar Basalios Medical Mission Hospital besides offers assorted installations like adjustment and nutrient to the hapless and economically backward people. It besides runs community service programmes by manner of medical cantonments and oculus testing runs for the people of 15 nearby small towns. The infirmary besides provides consciousness and immunisation programmes in assorted topographic points of the Ernakulam territory.

The psychopathology section has an drawn-out AD clinic which focuses on assisting the AD patients and their carers. The section has an Alzheimer 's group and renders assorted services to the carers of the AD patients through categories, seminars and specialised group Sessionss. It besides has an extended aggregation of resources including books, brochures and audio-visual AIDSs in order to assist the carers of AD patients. The drawn-out Alzheimer 's disease Clinic is making its best to assist the Alzheimer 's patients by assisting and back uping their carers.

Background of the study

The research worker has selected the Mar Basalio 's Medical Mission Hospital, Kothamangalam, India for the intent of the research. This is a multi forte infirmary with more than 200 beds. Mar Baselios Hospital is holding a separate research wing and soon making 6 researches in different subdivisions of medical specialties. The infirmary is besides holding an AD Clinic which offers services of general sort to the AD patients through their carers.

The research worker has the experience of working in this infirmary as a Social Worker in HR Division. During that period, the research worker has observed that the health professionals of the Alzheimer 's patients are under considerable psycho societal jobs and the infirmary is doing its best attempts to cover them. But in fact, the infirmary is presenting a general sort of services to the health professional instead than specialized single attending or one to one Sessionss. Hence, the infirmary may non be able to understand the complexness of jobs faced by the health professionals of the Alzheimer patients as the each carer will hold a different narrative to state. The jobs of the carers differ from each other depending upon the copying schemes, support and even personality. Thus it is feared that the health professionals may lose their assurance in the services of Hospital towards the Alzheimer 's patients and their attention givers.

The research worker at this point would wish to step in and make a research as he felt the demand to understand the complexness of the jobs faced by the health professionals of the Alzheimer 's patients who entree the services from the infirmary. By making a research, the research worker tries to understand and critically analyze the different jobs faced by the health professionals who are associated with the Mar Basalio 's Medical Mission Hospital, Kothamangalam and lend valuable suggestions to the carers of the infirmary.

Research question

What are the different jobs faced by the Carers of Alzheimer Patients of Mar Basalio 's Medical Mission Hospital, Kothamangalam, India?

Research method

The research is based on the descriptive survey and the research worker will roll up informations through observations and with the aid of ego prepared questionnaires. The processing and analysis of the informations will be done manually. The collected informations will be critically analysed to acquire attain truth of the research survey.

The research survey possesses a few restrictions and they are as follows.

The survey is estimated to be done in a limited sample of 40 people and therefore, the decision drawn may non be accurate. Besides the handiness of the respondents in clip and their cooperation are considered to be one of the of import restrictions of this survey.

The research worker purposes to use a few associates to roll up informations from the respondents. The associates are likely to bias the information which is non favorable for the survey.

The peculiar survey is expected to complete in a stipulated clip and all the above mentioned factors are once more dependent on clip.


Alzheimer 's disease is a terrible memory damage causation by encephalon disfunctions chiefly in in-between age people which is the most of import causes of dementedness. Care givers need much more forbearance and attending for looking after their loved 1s. There is so much community resources are available for cut downing the troubles of the attention givers.

Through this chapter of debut, the research worker gives an overview of the survey by detailing about the range, background, research method and aim. The undermentioned chapters will cover more about the procedure in item.


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