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Member of the Wedding

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The Member of The Wedding, Carson McCullers Main Characters: ?? Frankie Addams is a twelve year old who in the middle of a sexual and emotional awakening. She feels totally isolated and disconnected from the world all around her. She isn't a member of any clique or group, because of this she becomes obsessed with the fact that she is going to be a member of her brother Jarvis' wedding. Frankie puts all her hopes in dreams into this one event and plans to make. Connection with another group of people, and to disconnect herself from being lonely again.

Getting away from childhood is a hard task for her and she has trouble with it, she tries to make changes on the outside to get a better impression but that is a fail. Her biggest struggle is getting over something's that relate to being a female adult like getting her menstruation cycle and sex, Frankie is extremely ignorant when it comes to these two subjects. My first impression of Frankie is that someone needs to teach her how to grow up. Setting: ?? Frankie Addams is a 12 year old living in the American south in 1944. Summary: ??

Frankie Addams is a young 12 year old living in the American South, the book is about her main frustration with feeling like she doesn't belong as a member in any group and that she's disconnected from the world all around her. She is the daughter of a jeweler and a mom who died during child birth. She spends most of her time being obsessed with her brothers wedding. Frankie tries to find unity with other people and this causes major conflict in the story. When Frankie tries to grow up and become apart of the adult world she notices that there is some stuff she doesn't like about the adult world.

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One major thing she didn't like is that married couples only include two people which makes her not apart of her dream of being a threesome with Jarvis and Janice. Bernice helped Frankie understand what she needed to know about the adult world and some of the struggles of being an adult. My favorite passage was "Bernice tells of a couple she knows in which a woman fell in love with a man who later had a sex change. " that was my favorite because it was so funny. My first impression was to laugh. Conclusion: ?? I liked the ending of the story because it kind of gave some insight on how Frankie matured a little, I wouldn't change the end.

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