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Medea Reflectiv Statement

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Ana Maksimovic IB English 11/ 3 Per. Ms Bachmann 03/11/2012 335 Words Reflective Statement Medea has lot information that is often not conspicuous to the reader. In Medea the place and time play a big role. The place matters because of the events that happen. The events are related to Gods and gods were mainly famous in Greece. If you would change the place the meaning of gods would lose its importance.

Time is always relevant because the play was written a long time ago and it shows how life was back then. Nowadays the country people live in is owned by the state; however this was not always the case. Back in the time there were individual kings who had the power over their whole land/country. Hard to understand was when the characters in the play referred to goddesses. If someone doesn’t know what the God stands for it was a bit confusing. Also easy for me to understand was the role of women.

Not that I understand that they don’t have the same right but if you compare the equality between women and men now it is easy follow the concept how it was in Greece a long time ago. Definitely the role of women can still be related to nowadays even if the equality between men and women got better; it is still not on the same level even if it should. Also the fact that the children stay with their mom when the dad leaves kind of reminds me of today in the society.

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A really big connection between today and Medea is that men had the power over a country. They used to own their own country but that hasn’t changed that much because most presidents are still male. The technique of using the voice of the population during speeches or just conflicts is very interesting. This kind of technique shows you what the other people think and it also makes the conflict more clear and understanding. Also the way Euripides uses the dramatic irony gives the whole play the final touch.

Medea Reflectiv Statement essay

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