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Meaningful Color in Different Countries

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Colors and symbols have been having shamanistic power since human accepted them, so colors and symbols have been utilized by symbolizing something with the visual effects. Here are some interesting examples. There are some flowers that are taboo each country. In France, mostly carnation is not a present for someone but carnation is a flower of celebration for the "Parent's Day" in South Korea. Also, lily meaning is death in the United States and a white chrysanthemum is same meaning with lily in South Korea. Meaning of the color is different in each country.

China believes that red is very lucky color but red is the color of blood and die in South Korea. Korean thinks that if your name is written by Red-pen, you would be died. In the past, people also used a red line to erase for the name of a person who died. Sometimes In really close friends make a prank such as write friend’s name in red, means "I hate you". Of course, red is a happy color that represents the Christmas and Valentine's Day, but we do not use red color for name. In addition, the white has a dual symbolism. Regardless of the East and the West, the white means clean and pure, it is the main color of the wedding dress of bride.

On the other hand, white is the color of death. We dedicate white flowers the memorial or funeral. There are many different type of flower in each country but it is all white flowers. White lily flower in America, the white chrysanthemum in Korea, Japan is a white carnation. Especially, in the traditional funeral in Korea, Chief mourners do that in the case of women put a white ribbon as a hairpin and man attach white ribbon to the chest as a brooch during 49 days after funeral. They believe that 49 days elapsed, souls completely away from worldly life.

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Korean funeral would be imagined if Korean look at the white ribbon hairpin. In this way, the meaning of colors and symbols on the difference tradition, culture and customs, the feeling is different in each country. When we will be in contact with foreign cultures, it will be matter. Furthermore you need to know to design, especially on the world stage. I suggest that people to have kinds of funny manners rather than superstition also I think that it is handled a little carefully as international manners, there will be a major role to understand the other countries.

Meaningful Color in Different Countries essay

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