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The present paper is based on a case study of Top Travel. Inconsistent manager practices in selecting travel clerks and trainees are described. Furthermore, the paper includes a section in which a relevant strategy to improve the selection process is recommended. A job description for the position of a HR manager is included. Finally, the paper focuses on a person specification for this management position.


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This paper is based on a case study of Top Travel, with focus on inconsistent practices in the selection of travel clerks and trainees. It has been reported that store managers have made mistakes while recruiting potential employees. Therefore, a specific strategy is outlined to improve the selection process. Other aspects discussed in the paper include a job description for the position of a HR manager and a person specification for this position.

Inconsistent Success in Selecting Travel Clerks and Trainees

One of the likely reasons why Top Travel’s store managers are not consistently successful in selecting suitable travel clerks and trainees is that managers failed to give candidates prior notice and areas to research and focus on. As a result, store managers were unsuccessful in focusing on important aspects, such as accurate determination of candidates’ skills and information on corporate culture and the job position (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). Another reason for the inconsistent success in selecting travel clerks and trainees refers to the lack of formal interview training of store managers. The organisation has not emphasised strategic planning into improving the interviewing process. There was not a sufficient plan of interviewing that had been created in advance. In addition, store managers failed to assess culture fit of candidates within the company (Patterson et al., 2011). The inconsistency of employee selection at Top Travel could be also explained with the fact that managers extensively focused on job skills and experience rather than evaluation of candidates’ personality. The ability to differentiate critical job skills was not consistently present during the employee selection process at Top Travel.

A Strategy for Improving the Selection Process

Based on the issues that have been identified, it is important to recommend a strategy for improving the selection process, for both travel clerks and trainees. Giving candidates prior notice and areas to research is essential because it enables store managers with an opportunity to focus on relevant aspects of the selection process (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). One of the most important issues is to determine candidates’ fit within Top Travel’s culture. Managers should provide an adequate description of the company, including background information, tendencies and trends pertaining to its corporate culture as well as expectations of the job position (Patterson et al., 2011).

The organisation should consider the use of competent and qualified interviewers who understand the specificity and structure of the interviewing process. Interviewers should meet in advance and prepare a relevant plan to follow during the interview. It is recommended to assign different responsibilities to different professionals (Brewster et al., 2011). For instance, one person would be responsible for specific types of questions asked during the interview, while another person would be in charge of assessing of candidates’ credentials. Even though store managers at Top Travel have declared their accurate instinct at spotting the right people, there should be emphasis on the evaluation of applicants’ personality. The company needs diverse individuals with diverse personalities to deal with the evolving needs of travel customers (Patterson et al., 2011). Managers should also focus on differentiating one candidate from another. The consistent use of testing and discussion is a relevant part of the strategy to differentiate the critical job skills that managers expect to see in candidates. Finally, it is important to take the time in creating a small candidate pool with several individuals who meet the needs of Top Travel (Brewster et al., 2011). It may be necessary to reopen the search for employees in case the right people with adequate skills and experience are not settled.

Job Description for HR Manager

The position of a HR manager requires that the manager should develop policy and regularly participate in the adequate coordination of human resources processes in the organisation. Important responsibilities of a HR manager include employment issues, compensation, maintaining labour relations, benefits, providing employee training opportunities and services (Bareham, 2012). One of the essential duties of a HR manager is to analyse salary trends in the company as well as determine competitive compensation plans. This professional is directly responsible for the creation of suitable policy within the organisation, with focus on ensuring equal employment opportunities and employee benefits (Cushway, 2008). Different policies, regulations and reporting mechanisms should be maintained properly in order to ensure adequate compliance with standards in the field. In addition, a HR manager is expected to evaluate industry trends that could help the organisation grow in the future (Patterson et al., 2011).

Furthermore, a HR manager screens and recruits employees when there is a need to fill vacant positions in the organisation (Cushway, 2008). New employee orientation is adequately planned by the manager in an attempt to ensure positive attitude towards the company’s culture and goals. A HR manager should complete reports and recommend procedures that could lead to the decrease or elimination of absenteeism and turnover in the organisation (Bareham, 2012). This professional is also responsible for contracting with outside suppliers to provide appropriate employee services and relocation services.

A Person Specification for the HR Position

The HR position includes key competencies, such as degree or equivalent, evidence of professional development, extensive contribution to organisational change, experience in delivering reliable HR practices, and experience in developing HR policies (Brewster et al., 2011). Having a professional qualification in the field along with evidence of professional development is a necessary component of screening candidates’ education and training capacity. Focus on organisational change is important considering the fast pace in which modern organisations develop (Bareham, 2012). In addition, a HR manager should demonstrate an extensive experience in the HR field, which would serve as a strong basis for developing successful practices in the organisation.


The paper discussed inconsistencies in the employee selection process at Top Travel. Store managers demonstrated practices that did not lead to the selection of the right people. Therefore, the paper included important sections on recommending a strategy to improve the selection process along with details on a job description for the position of a HR manager and a person specification for this position.


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