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Life After Death

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Life after Death. Daniel Yashinsky 16/09/2011 Death is a word that someone never likes to hear but questions that always come to mind are what happens after we die. Many people believe in different situations but ultimately I assume that the way we live out our life will determine our results in the afterlife. Almost like being punished in a sense it’s the way of the society to believe in morals such as right and wrong. Who or what judges the fact of where we go. Are these theories accurate or is it all just a fabrication. All in all it’s pretty hard not to think of the one thing you can’t run from.

Since the moment I was born my parents have been telling me what is right and what is wrong. So if I was to do something wrong I would get punished so these morals have always been engraved in my brain. Who decided what is right and what is wrong, why do we have these morals and why do we get punished for committing so called sins? I don’t think there is a true answer for that, but people think that if you are a good human which can mean so many different things but in general if you live out your life doing good deeds that you will go to a heaven.

This theory also works in the opposite way as well, when people commit sins that are against the “norm” of the society they live in then they will go to hell. This is one of the reasons why religion has been followed for so long to keep society in control according to what we presume is in control. If one believes in this then it will be easy for someone to just live their life and not fear what is beyond the threshold of death. But one question still remains, who decides our faith after death. Today I was asked “do you believe in god? I didn’t know how to respond because all I could think about was the reasoning for his asking. Did he want me to believe in god? Was he just curious to know what my thoughts were on the matter? All I know is it’s a personal question but it felt like I was being judged. I like to have my own views on things I don’t usually conform to society, almost like an existentialist. So the answer to the question is somewhat, I don’t particularly believe in god itself, but I think there is some sort of higher power. The real question is if this higher power ends up judging us just like this man did to me today.

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So this higher power for some odd reason gets to judge me and the rest of the world to decide if we get to go to a happy place or a sad place in simple words that is what religion means. People devote their whole lives thinking if they follow this rule their afterlife will turn out well for the rest of eternity. Now I will see beyond this and look at people who do not believe in god what so ever, so these sorts of people are condemned to live in the underworld. Now who’s to say that the way I live my life will determine my afterlife. Why should I believe something that someone has just made up without any proof?

Anything can happen after you die; people shouldn’t spend their whole life deciphering the code of death. The reason people feel such a need to believe in something is because they have a fear, the fear of the unknown. When you don’t know what is going to come after you die, how can’t face those fears. I honestly believe that any of these theories can be true, but little did I know how much death plays a star role in so many people’s lives. Truthfully everyone sees death differently and depending on who you are Now life is an important thing to all of us, why waste it thinking about what’s going to happen after death.

If I was to die I would like to one to judge me on the things I have done in my lifetime. This will give a meaning to my life and many other lives as well. Seeing how so many people believe in this way of life that it would be terrible not to see it fulfilled, also a something of a higher power judges us and leads us through the rest of eternity. Finally we can go against it all and say that all that happens is we rot in the ground. So for all we know life as we know it can be death without any real proof we just have theories but my beliefs will stay strong .

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