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Leadership and Ethics Paper

The movie entitled Coach Carter have shown more than just the simple approach on presenting leadership as a way by which the situations are treated by someone who is expert in a certain field of leading the people. As for this movie, the focus was on the way a coach was able to face the challenges of helping his team see more than just winning the games.

Coach Carter, an alumni and an MVP player of the basketball team of the Richmond High School, was able to recreate the motivation of his team players through giving a different approach to his young players.

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His lengthened thought of the future for his team players have particularly helped him in taking greater steps in making a change in his procedures of the assistance that he is giving them towards  a certain future that would lead them to lives beyond what they have in the basketball courts.

From this particular movie, it could be observed that “leadership” is certainly a factor that brings definite change to groups and organizations. The lessons that are presented through this film certainly awakens the corporate leaders in becoming more aware of the fact that their responsibilities does not simply involve them commanding and directing their people.

The corporate world is certainly involving a number of great changes that are involving motivational procedures for the sake of the organizational future as well as individual development goals of the organization. Through the pattern that has been shown through the movie Coach Carter, this particular paper shall be completed in an aim of presenting the possibility of creating effective changes within the organization through the effective use of leadership procedures to be able to meet the challenges of future needs for the corporation that the said leaders are working for.

The Role of Communication in Leadership

As primarily shown in the movie “Coach Carter”, it could be observed that communication has been the key factor that has mainly assisted the coach in making it possible for the whole team to understand the aspect that he is making them see. This is indeed also an important factor that needs consideration in application for the sake of organizational growth. The act of constantly communicating with the people around the environment that an individual deals with certainly places an impact on the ways by which the organizational members are able to relate to each other with regards the plans, the procedures of the progressive advancements for the organization.

Hence, from this point, it could be observed that there are at least five major points behind the importance of communication within organizational operations. The said points of communication are as follows:

(a)Communicating for the sake of passing information

There is a need for constant passing of information especially for organizational members. The idea is that the regular way of people communicating with each other would indeed keep the organization unified and intact for the sake of continuous business progress.

(b)Communicating for organizational update on progress

Whatever the company deals with, the members should know of all of them. This is for the sake of the establishment of trust among the employees as well as the organization’s administration section. It is through the application of regular communication that the progress reports could be utilized to motivate the other members of the organization.

(c) Communication for motivational purposes

As mentioned earlier, there is a specific need for the people of the organization to take specific steps in being able to perform well for the sake of organization’s progress. To be able to come to a meeting point between the administrators and the employees, it is then necessary to take advantage of communication. Through the open line of communication that exists between the two said parties, it is then obvious that the changes could be given chances of being fulfilled as both sides of opinions are already able to relate to each other’s needs and expectations form the organization as well as form each other.

(d)     Communication for the sake of advancement as an organization

It is necessary that there exists an open line of communication between all the people making up the organization because of the fact that much of the progress procedures would rely on the ways that govern the ways by which the said people are able to connect with each other through speaking with each other. Their unity, their connection with each other towards progressive efforts relies on their capabilities to talk to each other and support each other through the use of communication.

(e)     Communication for the sake of implying law

To be able to keep the whole organization at the right track, there is a necessity for the administration to imply the laws of business within the operational engagements of the employees as this would particularly identify the limitations and the capabilities as well as the benefits that the company has further provided for the employees. Communicating to the employees on why the said set rules are necessary to be followed by the people working within the organization shall then make it easier for them to cope up with the organization’s rules and thus keep a clear track of the changes that they need to face as they are staying with the said organization.

From the discussion of the five-point reasons of why communication in the continuing process of a particular organization’s growth, it could be noted that the price that keeping the communication lines open pays is much essential for any organizational progress procedures. Constant attention given to the procedures of communication shall indeed bring forth fine results for the whole team or group that works their way on towards advancements.

The five importance of communication certainly identifies one of the key roles of leaders then. In the movie Coach Carter, the coach never failed in helping his team understand why he’s doing to them what they actually do.  Hence, although they were not able to understand the reasoning that he presented to them as to why he aims to make them more motivated in learning their lessons as they are completely serious about their plays, they were able to take the gist of the methodologies he used to motivate them later on.

The Constant Need for Change

It is necessary that every organization take changes every now and then. The fact is that change is the primary reason why several organizations are able to spot the different aspects of possible progress that the organization could be undergoing in the near future. However, to be able to make change, a fine leader should be ready to face the challenges of the new venture that the organization tries to engage into.

As based from the movie Coach Carter, it is indeed obvious that the change that he intended to make among his teams created problems with regards the reaction of the people. This particular situation in the movie actually presents the change that goes beyond the norms. Normally, people are not that open to change.

However, through the use of transformational leadership, a person who aims to implicate the changes within the organization certainly is given a fine chance of showing that he can face the impending challenges that may hinder him from keeping up with the needed changes. It could be observed then that the leaders are indeed expected to have the capabilities of transforming the opinions of people to be able to coincide with the thoughts and the practices that they ought to imply within the organization.

To be able to understand the situation better, it could be noted that the leaders are to have the necessary characteristics that they need to apply in dealing with the situations that they are usually faced with in their position as group motivators. There are necessary points that need to be considered in this particular situation. The said points are as follows:

(A)People-focused leadership

It is necessary that leaders are able to take into consideration several strategies that are able to meet the needs of the people that they serve. Certainly, it could be noted that the responsibilities of the leaders are primarily people-centered. The profit and everything else comes in a secondary state as leadership is primarily created to be able to direct people towards the progressive state of the organization.

(B)Ethical Based policing

It is always essential to carry into consideration the ethical measures of the procedures that are being adapted by organizational leaders. It is only through the ways by which the people are able to get the satisfaction that they need that the leadership of one particular person could be considered successful. Hence, the ethical standards that are set for business policing should constantly be observed by the business leaders as they are expected to have a closer observation of the intensity of the application of ethics within the system of business operations.

(C)Giving personal assistance to people who are concerned in the change

“Empathy” is one of the primary characteristics that fine leaders should posses. It is then necessary that the leaders of any organization have this particular attitude towards others especially when dealing with critical and complicated issues within the relational aspects of employees and the administration as well.

(D)Personal Concern for the employee’s needs and expectations

The individual’s that make up an organization are people who have their own needs and expectations from the company. If one particular leader is able to know and thus provide that particular need, it is then possible to have a more personal-focused system within the organization that could lead to a more progressive future for the entire business.


The movie of Coach Carter certainly redefines the responsibility and the normal approach of leadership within several organizations in the society. The constant implication of the fact that leadership is a profession, a career that requires strength and courage in implementing necessary rules within certain organizational settings, has been actually presented within the plot of the said movie.

Hence, this particularly means that the changes that organizations are required to meet every now and then requires an amply amount of patience and courage from the leaders. Aside from that, it also requires sturdiness when it comes to decision making on the part of the leaders. The policy of “what must be implemented must be implemented” should always be carried on through by the leaders with an ample scaling of the ethical values that are involved within the situation.

Yes, the fact that leadership is not an easy challenge that needs to be conscientiously met identifies the qualities and the attitudes that leaders or aspiring organizational head personnel should posses. Hence, a leader is then supposed to face the said challenges in full courage and knowledge of the strategies that need to be applied in particular situations that they are to meet.


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