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Komiquindox Literature

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KOMIQUINDOX (ANTIBIOTIC FEED ADDITIVE & GROWTH PROMOTER) Composition: * Antibiotic feed grade with antibacterial activity. * For better health & growth in broiler. * Treat diarrhea in poultry & livestock. * Prevent bacterial, fungal & viral infection. * Give better egg production in breeder & layer. * Improves egg shell weight, size & internal contents in layer & breeder. * Excellent source of energy. Descriprtion: Olaquindox:

Olaquindox is a growth promoting feed additive for food producing animals. When incorporated in feed, olaquindox [ 2-( N-2? -Hydroxyethyl carbonyl)-3-methyl quinoxaline-1,4-dioxide] is absorbed from the digestive tract. Olaquindox is widely distributed throughout the body tissues. The good tissue penetration & high drug concentrations (max inhibitory concentrations) for most bacterial pathogens suggest potential clinical use in the treatment of bacterial infections in poultry. Molecular Formula:C12H13N3O4 Calcium carbonate:

The use of calcium carbonate (in the form of supplemental granules) appeared to result in an increase in the values of nitrogen retention and for fat and crude fiber digestibility, probably due to a better dispersion or separation of the feed particles in the first portions of the gastrointestinal tract, and facilitating of the action of the digestive juices. Calcium carbonate can be used as a strengthening food for chickens. Chicken requires Calcium carbonate to yield strong eggs. According to geological information website, crushed Calcium carbonate is often fed to chicken as dietary supplements.

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Komiquindox Literature

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Indications: * Feed grade antibiotic which Promotes health & growth. * Used for the treatment of diarrhea in both poultry & livestock. * Prevent infection from bacteria, fungi & virus. * Olaquindox is widely distributed throughout the body. * Gives better egg production & improves egg shell weight & its percentage. * Improves egg shell contents & no. of table eggs. * Calcium carbonate use increases the value of nitrogen retention. * Fed to chickens as dietary supplement. * It is the structural component of the bone. Sustained egg production in birds can be achieved by feeding diets containing Calcium Carbonate. * Calcium is satisfactory for both breeding & growing birds. * It is an excellent source of energy. * Increase the ability of birds to resist against all kind of stress. * Increase the ability of birds to resist against bacterial, viral & fungal diseases. Cautions: Protect from sunlight. Dosage & Administration: * Administer by oral route mixed with feed. * Dose: * 100 g per ton…………………. 5 g per bag * 1000 g per ton……………….. 50 g per bag * 500 g per ton…………………. 25 g per bag

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