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Key Aspects Of Legislation To Own Role Of Tutor

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Level 3 - 1. 1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities As a tutor in the lifelong sector I have a responsibility to myself my peers and my students to keep up to date with current legislations and codes of practice. In the first aid industry guidelines are changing every year as more information and research is being done, I need to keep up to date with the resuscitation council guidelines and the HSE first aid regulations 1981 and Ofqual.

I also need to keep up to date my own First Aid at Work certificate. I can’t teach any subject that I am not thoroughly trained in and I must make sure my students understand the subject and are fully competent before I sign them off. When I am running a first aid course I need to take in to account Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003). covering the reproduction and use of course materials, the first aid at work act 1974 in which I have a responsibility to employees (my course assessor) My students and any visitors.

As I am travelling to different venues I need to carry out risk assessments for each area, familiarise myself with the building and facilities from building lay out and emergency exits to trip hazards and room temperature. The equality act 2006 recognises inclusiveness by respecting the right of learners to attend and participate no matter what their gender, religion, race, disability, sexual orientation or age so my courses must be open to all and tailored to suit their needs which in turn also covers the disability discrimination act 1995, the sex discrimination act 1975 the race relations amendment act 2000.

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I need to pay my assessors the same fee and treat them the same taking in to account the equal pay act 1970 the human rights act. I need to make sure I keep all of my students records locked up in a safe and secure place to comply with Data Protection Act 1998. regulating the storage and use of information. I also have to abide by the IFL code of practice as an affiliate member and PFE First Aid Instructors code of practice.

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