Impact Of Offshore Exploration And Exploitation Environmental Sciences Essay

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Literally called stone oil, Petroleum is a Grecian word for petra significance stone and oleum significance oil. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines it as of course happening flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds, which are found in geologic formations beneath the Earth 's surface. This formation beneath the Earth frequently takes topographic point over a long period of clip, say eons. It originates from the remains of antediluvian works and animate beings ( zooplanktons and algae ) that were buried and compressed beneath 1000s of pess of claies, stones and littorals. Through the interaction of certain geologic conditions, these organic stuffs are so transformed by subsurface heat and overburden force per unit area into hydrocarbon compounds we is called crude oil ( rough oil and natural gas ) .

For many centuries, crude oil resources and its byproducts have been discovered and used for assorted human activities. In the modern epoch, these resources are sought and exploited from locations that are more hard and risky to entree, including the offshore.

Resources deposited in the offshore countries are no different from those found onshore as they contain the same sort of hydrocarbon substances. For illustration, a signifier of natural gas called gas hydrate is available both offshore and onshore but seaward resources are of greater involvement because of their volume and potency for future large-scale development.

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The ground for this increased and outstanding involvement in offshore crude oil geographic expedition and development in this present century is that many onshore crude oil resources have either been exhausted, are no longer economically executable, or are unable to be to the full developed due to limitations of national ownership or geopolitical jobs.

This notwithstanding, the value of energy-rich crude oil in all of its signifiers lies in the many merchandises that can be made from it and the importance of their utilizations. Crude oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbon compounds are the bases of the fuel merchandises that are indispensable for modern manners of transit, which are preponderantly fuelled by motor gasolene, jet fuel, and Diesel fuel. Petroleum besides provides fuels for warming, industrial fabrication procedures, and the coevals of electricity. Petroleum resources can besides be converted into petrochemicals and its derived functions such as plastics, pharmaceutical ingredients and edifice stuffs, which represent other parts of the petroleum-source market.

Economically, demand and supply factors drive the investings and operations that the crude oil industry makes in researching and working crude oil resources. With high crude oil monetary values in the market, the industry can afford to bring forth resources that might otherwise be uneconomic and can put in new engineerings to make resources that would otherwise be unavailable. When crude oil monetary values in the market are low, even proved militias may non be produced because the cost of development and production would non let any net income for operators.

Since crude oil resources define modern trade forms, excite both international selling and the possible for war, the force per unit area to spread out resource development to the offshore countries is inevitable as this will relieve the jobs of increased planetary demand for crude oil and its byproducts, reduced supplies onshore and buffer the current lifting addition in merchandises monetary values.

Potential impacts

For decennaries, our oceans were protected from offshore oil boring but with the increased demand for crude oil resources globally and depletion of same onshore, attending has shifted to the offshore environment.

In 2008 for case, former American president Bush, lifted a White House moratorium on offshore boring and the Congress subsequently followed by letting a Federal prohibition on boring to run out. In March 2010, the Obama disposal indicated that they would besides potentially allow boring along several once protected coastlines, mid- and south Atlantic seashore and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Barely had that been agreed upon, the black deep water skyline oil boring runaway in April of 2010 came. This released about 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico ; fouled beaches and coastal wetlands from Louisiana to Florida ; killed birds, fishes and marine mammals ; and devastated the diversion and fishing-based economic systems of the Gulf provinces ( Ref ) .

Fortunately, these hideous developments caused the Obama disposal to revoke on its earlier class and on December 1, 2012 it was announced that the East and West seashores every bit good as the eastern Gulf be continuously protected from offshore boring.

Despite this recent event in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil industry and others affiliated to the industry are still clamoring for the continuance of seaward oil boring.

This enlargement of development offshore, will non be without the attendant effects that the resource geographic expedition and development will hold on the Marine environment, the life signifiers that live therein and the worlds at big.


This subheading will be a elaborate penetration into the seaward oilfield platform where the research will be carried out. It will state the twelvemonth of the oilfield 's find, the block or blocks where the resource is found, the existent location of the oilfield in kilometers north, E, West or South in relation to other environing oilfields and/or countries ; and the H2O deepness ( TVDSS ) at which the resource is located. Other parametric quantities will include the oilfield 's geologic age ( Mesozoic, Middle Jurassic or Cenozoic etc ) , the reservoir type ( sandstone or shale ) , the estimated militias ( STOIIP in MMstb unit ) and recoverable sums of militias. It will depict the seismal activity that led to the formation of the field, the extent to which the field has been developed, grade of complexness of geological fault and its attendant construction. The quality of the reservoir, the formations with the most productive intervals or dramas, its temperature, force per unit area ( and likely force per unit area at which depletion is expected ) . The belongingss of the reserve- API gravitation in ( 0 ) , GOR in ( scf/bbl ) will besides be provided.

With the increased force per unit area to beginning for options to onshore oil resources offshore, the appraisal of the inauspicious impacts of the quest for crude oil and it derivatives to run into planetary demand raises a batch of concerns such as:

  • Environmental sensitiveness and hazards to marine ecosystems
  • Lack of scientific discipline on marine ecosystem as this is a field with really limited certification sing geographic expedition
  • Built-in hazard of deepwater boring
  • Inadequate resources for regulative inadvertence
  • Unproved oil spill response

There are serious environmental impact associated with each phase of seaward boring from geographic expedition ( location and find ) to development ( boring and production ) and marine transit. While some impacts may be unseeable to the bare eyes, there are a myriad of impacts and environmental branchings that the public must cognize about before sing offshore boring. ; and eventually the ultimate effects it will hold on the opportunities of working other marine resources that will hold small or no negative effects on the environment, the marine beings and worlds.

By analysis of H2O samples utilizing  setup, observation of marine life signifiers and deposits analysis for oozes of hydrocarbons in them utilizing equipment, this survey will:

  1. Outline possible impacts of offshore crude oil geographic expedition and development
  2.  Chase away the legion myths that have been put forth by oil boring advocates.
  3. Suggests options that will accomplish energy independency from fossil fuel
  4. Analyze the effects of seaward oil boring on the opportunities of working other marine resources that will hold small or no negative effects on the Marine environment, marine beings and worlds.


  • To ease this survey and accomplish the set aims, the undermentioned activities will be carried out:
  • Available literature on the effects of seaward oil boring will be extensively reviewed. This will organize a footing for this research
  • Qualitative modeling to measure the direct impact of each phase of oil boring on the marine ecosystem and coastal countries
  • Exploration of possible options to fossil fuels with really small or no hurtful effects on the environment.


The information ( where available ) , samples of H2O and may be life signifiers that will be observed during this survey will be sourced from  offshore platforms located at . Besides, peoples ' single sentiments will be sought to find the extent to which offshore geographic expedition affects them.

If decently done, this rating will be a valuable tool for avoiding possible environmental and aquatic jeopardies occasioned by ceaseless development offshore.

These methods may alter depending on when this surveies will get down and the development of more powerful tools and techniques that will be more efficient, give truth and lucidity of consequences ; and besides be cost effectual.

Expected outputs

The universe 's oceans and beaches are critical recreational, economic and ecological hoarded wealths that will be polluted by an addition in offshore crude oil boring. Alternatively of recommending for transient and environmentally less harmful ways to run into the planetary demand for oil, we should seek a comprehensive and environmentally sustainable energy program that will include energy preservation and may be fuel efficiency if we must utilize fossil fuel.

After the purposes and objectives that this survey sets out to accomplish has been attained, it is expected that the consequences obtained and observations made will:

  1. Deter crude oil industry 's participants and their affiliates from offshore development.
  2.  Cause us to look towards developing sustainable energy solutions that includes renewable beginnings and preservation that will protect our natural resources, instead than boring for fossil fuels off our oceans.
  3.  Cause us to ablactate ourselves off the over-dependence on oil to salvage our environment and cut down the worsening consequence of clime alteration.
  4. Save and protect our coastlines from industrialisation.
  5. Chase away the assorted myths that advocates of seaward development are invariably seeking to jostle down our pharynxs.
  6. Promote a rush in the figure of ocean protection protagonists.


  1. Since the informations to be used for this work were non generated personally, some degrees of uncertainness as to the truth of the work exist.
  2. Problem, may originate during sample
  3. Problems with package use may originate if tutorial is non given.

All things being equal, research undertaking continuance is expected to cross a period of three old ages, between the beginning of the work and entry of bound study. A Gantt chart, ( an illustration is shown below ) will be used to demo a dislocation of what and when an activity will be carried out. An activity, whenever completed will be struck off to give lucidity to works yet to be done.


Offshore oil boring and oil spills have the possible to critically impact pristine Marine ecosystems. While there are legion environmental jobs associated with oil boring, there are besides negative economic impacts that we merely can non afford during difficult economic times.

It is imperative that we switch off from an old mentality of trusting on fossil fuels. Climate alteration and other environmental jobs are non waiting for us to reconstruct our energy portfolio. Oil boring and continued usage of fossil fuels will merely worsen clime alteration, and maintain us trapped in a backward frame of head which overlooks sustainable energy and preservation.

New offshore boring is non portion of the reply to sustainable energy instead the replies for sustainable energy is already gazing us right in the face.

At the completion of this survey, recommendations will be suggested that will restrict or wholly extinguish the impacts of offshore geographic expedition and development.

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