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Human Resources Management Final Paper

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>Such pieces of the puzzle include, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, human resources planning, recruitment, selection, development, insemination, benefits, safety, health and benefits. Each of which will be discussed. In human resource management, organizations focus a lot of time and resources finding the right candidate that would occupy the position. Employers are looking for an employee who can manage to fulfill the organizations vision. In this case, once an employee is selected for the position, human resource mangers with in organizations focus on training employees to complete the Job efficiently.

In addition, employers also allocate funding to the recruiting employees who qualify for the position. Human sources management also may be able to provide organizations with the competitiveness they need to be effective In the Job market. Functions such as employment, opportunity, affirmative action, human resources planning, and recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, safety, health, and employee labor relations all play together to perform that primary function.

They are all important, but some areas have more important than the others, In which shapes the characteristic of employee behaviors with In organizations. Human resource management wants to also make sure that the employees that are being hired In the process are In alignment with the organizations mission and vision. As an employee seeking a new Job, many factors come into mind when I think of finding the right organization to work for.

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First and far most, ensuring that the organization is in the best interest of me an my goals are important, more importantly, making sure I have an equal opportunity to move up In the organization is important. Factors include sex, religion, race, color, national rolling, hiring, promoting, firing, and setting wages. It Is Important to understand how employers operate so that you can have a clear understanding on what you are required of you in order to advance. According to our reading, affirmative action policies "require employers to show initiative in recruiting a diverse pool of applicants for their Job openings. (House, C. 2012) This means that, employers must hire individuals in their organization, no matter how old, what race, or what physical condition they are In. There are many people who may try to argue and say, that they are being discriminated against when a younger applicant with a degree gets the session and they don't. However, I now understand that such applicants had an opportunity to complete their education, but chose another path. Human resource management consists of many other factors that help them prepare to hire an employee to fill the position. The other factors include planning, recruitment, and selection.

Before understanding these concepts, one would guess that employers Just go out and hire anyone Just to occupy a position. In the planning stage, employers look for a certain number of employees to fill a position. It really upends on the size of the company and how much you are looking to grow. So the number of employees varies based off of the organizations future activities and operations. Which brings focused efforts to recruitment with in an organization, making sure that employers recruit qualified employees is essential for the competitive focus in an organization.

Human resources must be able to focus their efforts on finding talented people that fulfill the roles that is being filled. There are certain strategies that employers use to make sure that they find the right employee such as advertising, employment agencies, web, colleges, professional employment organizations, temp agencies, unsolicited applications, and soliciting specific applicants. There is more than one way to look for employees. My friend, Jonathan Montgomery wanted to start up a small marketing business for local restaurants and sought to hire lot employees to spread the word around town.

He went on scraggliest to create an ad and three days later he found himself interviewing multiple groups of people to fill the role. He did not have as much trouble in the interviewing process, UT he has a lot of trouble in the selection process. In the selection process, it is important to understand the strategy used to select the most qualified employee for the position. Selection the right employee is important and was really important to Jonathan. Our reading states, " Selecting the right employee is one of the most crucial processes. (House, C. 2012) It is important, because when selecting the right employees, human resource management must take into consideration, laws of equal employment opportunity and while making sure they select the most qualified antedate to fill the role. In addition, organizations take into consideration within the selection process, employees are not only equip with the Job qualifications, but they are equipped with the characteristics, such as motivation, morale, productivity, and retention.

Now opening up an acceptance letter from an employer s very rewarding, because as an employee, you know that you worked hard and prepared to fill the position that was being filled. At the same time, employers want to make sure they are educating the new employee on the Job. Organizations spend billions of dollars a year on the raining and development portion because they want to make sure that they maintain their competitive advantage. It is important to focusing on the development of employees. Many companies process a learning and development department that assist in the overall training of the role.

Organizations spend a lot of their efforts in making sure employees understand all technological, financial, economic, and political factors that come into play. The reason why is because companies are continuing to develop innovative, competitive, and efficient ways to do business. It is which will not only save cost but also serve its purpose. In chapter seven, (House 2012) states that we are always learning. Whether you've been with the company for 10 years or fairly new to an organization, learning and development and consistent training is needed to help the organization grow.

There are different types of trainings, mentoring, coaching, test taking, and videos, on the Job training, internships, and more importantly consistent development of employees. In my mind training programs must continue to evolve in order to do more what financial diminish. Our organization currently utilizes webzines, Youth videos, interactive studies, surveys, and more importantly organization uses data that will help management evaluate and analyze areas of opportunities with in each department. What's great about training in the 21st century is that there are more options in more ways of teaching employee how to perform on a Job.

I feel that training will continue to evolve in this competitive business world that we live in. With new solutions, purpose driven studies, and the many technological resources that are available, genuineness have the tools to save cost yet still bring the competitive edge. Once an employer selects an employee to work full time on a Job, many employers offer benefits for their employee. As an employee, while shopping for a new Job, those factors are important to consider. It is important to consider because there are many employees that have families, and more importantly, there are families who have personal needs that need to be catered to.

When seeking employment, benefits can be a deciding factor in making an organization the right fit. According to our eating, "Compensation directly affects the attraction and retention of talent, affects employee motivation through the satisfaction of various needs, and provides a mechanism to psychologically link performance with outcomes. Compensation also enhances perceptions of equity and Justice and promotes desirable behaviors in the workplace. " (House 2012) If I am an employee and I am not being protected with in the Job that I hold, it is less likely that I stay at that organization.

Benefit offerings have a major impact on marketplace competitiveness and have the ability to attract ND keep quality employees. Benefits assist in motivating employees to come to work everyday and keeps employees bought in to the organizations mission. Benefits include but are not limited to health insurance. Healthcare is important to employees because it caters to their security needs. Employees want to feel healthy when putting forth time and energy into an organization. It will result in quality of work. Some organizations provide access to childcare, altercate, and fitness centers at a discounted rate or no cost.

I feel that this is a great benefit offering when considering arrest place competitiveness and attracts employees that may have children who may need a baby sitter. Other benefits that are essential are flextime, Job sharing, telecommuting pay time off, vacation, bereavement, and sick time. There have been many issues with in human resource management, lawsuits, and many competitive debates about labor unions and its future role. In other parts of the world, organizations from the United States are tying to expand. Companies such as, Mac Dona's, Apple, and other companies, have found ways to expand.

Issues such s political government, may affect the equal opportunity laws in the United States. For example, Egger Hypotheses uses a model that helps understand labor markets and dimensions on a scale from 1-100. His five factors included, Power, Self, Gender, Predictability, and Time. I think the dimensions in which countries are evaluated plays a major role in how each country is managed with in the human resources field. For example, Gender roles in Japan play a major factor in management. Men are considered aggressive and competitive, and women are expected to be gentler and unconcerned with home and family.

In knowing this, in order for me to be successful outsourcing career opportunities in Japan I must know to put men in authority positions to ensure overall success in that country. Seeing that such factors impacts global human resource management, it is important to understand the demographical locations assists in the organizations success. (House 2012) Collaboratively understanding the primary functions within human resources, may be beneficial to me long term because I want to eventually open up my own company.

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