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Human Development Critical Essay

Two strands of human development are social and emotional.2.Two stages of human development from the case study are older adulthood and adulthood.

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3. Nature is what you are born with, like what you inherit from your parents, an example from the case study is that Iain and Kirsty’s daughter has brown curly hair just like Iain. 4.

Nurture is what you learn as you grow up and go through life; an example of nurture from the case study is that Anne is planning on caring for her new grand-daughter when Kirsty returns to work. . Two key features of behavioural approach is Behavioural and Consequence, Behavioural meaning if a child wants something and takes a tantrum, and Consequence meaning if they are giving what they want then they will think that it is the correct way to behave and there for do it again. 6. Three key features of the social learning theory are Bonding – children connecting with people, like parents making them feel safe around them and loved.Loss – If someone dies or goes away, for example a loved one you miss them and start to feel this sense of loss in life, like an empty space has arrived that wasn’t there before. 7.

Two ways in which the behavioural approach can help care workers understand human development and behaviour is , it helps them learn how to act and respond to a child’s behaviour and helps them understand how they should react to something, such as praise them for good things but tell them no it was wrong if they did something wrong. . From the case study you can understand why Jenny does not want to move into supported accommodation not only because she is happy at home but she feels secure and loved at home with her mum, and now thinks that she is getting pushed aside as her mum has remarried and is moving in with her new partner. Jenny will feel a sense of loss due to this and may also feel bereavement due to only losing her dad two year ago. Staying at home could remind..

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