How Recent Laws Promote Anti Discriminatory Practise In An Health And Social Care Environment

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If any person or organisation discriminates against any one due to these factors then this is against the law and the person that has been discriminated amongst is entitled to take legal action to right for their is unlawful to discriminate anyone. An example of discrimination is that an employer does not give an applicant a job even though they are the best qualified person because the employer incorrectly thinks that the applicant is gay. This is a form of direct discrimination.

In a health and social care setting you should treat everyone equally no matter their sexual orientation. As a care professional you should not make assumptions or make prejudgements about a person because it could lead to the care user being physical and emotionally hurt as they are going to feel that they are not value because of their differences to other people in society. You as a care professional should value everyone’s differences as it shows respect to the care user.

It is important that you provide everyone with the same amount of respect as this is in their code of conduct which all employees should follow as this is part for their job and they should take this into consideration. The purpose of this act if that it puts together 40 years of equalities together legalisation all in one place. The purpose of this act is that it provides the same levels of protection from discrimination across all the protected characteristics in places where it is the most appropriate. Another reason is that this acts simples and consoles approximately 116 pieces of separate equality legalisation together . This act is important for our society as it means that :

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It extends the equality duty to require the public sector to take into account the need of all protected groups this act protects disable people from potential discriminated questions in the recruitment process it protect carers from discrimination

It states in this act that it protects pregnant women and mothers from using services The next law I will be talking about is the human right published in 1998. This act promotes anti discriminatory practise as people are entitled to a different amount of rights. These are some of the rights:

the right to life
the right to liberty
the right to be protected against torture and slavery
the right to have a free trail and punishment
respect of privacy and family life
freedom of thought

All residents living in the UK are entitled to these rights . An example of this is that a woman named Rosy told the manager that she was pregnant. the right that this lady is entitled to is that she is allowed to go on maternity leave .this is an right that the lady is entitled to as in the health and social care sector women are allowed to take off time when pregnant so they can send quality time with their family. Another example of a right is that in all hospitals patient are allowed to see their relatives during the visiting time locating on the ward. This allows the relative to spend quality time with the ill patient.

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