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High School as a career for football players

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The first six – man football was played on a Thursday, September 27th 1934 in a town name Hebron, Nebraska . From there on and out six – man football has been going on since then . To this day people still like to go watch it, watch their kids or they just the love the sport enough . Six - man football has came a long way it has change in so many ways like the uniforms, players, coaches and rules .

Trey Richey has been coaching since 2007 at Borden Country , He attended school at Jayton High School Class of 1986 . Trey Richey was a running back and a safety in his high school career . In college he started safety for three years for McMurry University in 1987 to 1991 and he attended Texas Tech in 1986 to 1987 .

Trey Richey won two State Championships as a player in 1984 to 1985 and won four State Championships as a coach in Borden Country . In the 1985 State Championships against Christoval Jayton’s Trey Richey rushed for 461 yards and eight TDs on 28 carries .

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Clyde Parham is in the Hall of Fame in Wichita Fall, Texas . Parham has coached at Silverton, Wilson, Jayton, Strawn, Throckmorton, and Sterling City .

Clyde Parham has earned his teaching degree from Stephen F. Austin University in 1988 . The Eagles were shut down by Richland every time they played the score was 46 - 0, and Richland has claimed there forth State Title in seven years, but Sterling City’s rare run to the final couldn’t be ignored when it was time to decide the Coach of the Year for this season’s All - West Texas Super Team.

Jack Pardee began his football career as a teenager in high school at Christoval, Texas. He was an All American linebacker at Texas A&M University and two –time All - Pro with the Los Angeles Rams and the Washington Redskins. He was a few of the six man players too ever make it to the NFL. His in the Hall of Fame as a player in 1986.

He became a coach for a college team, the National Football League, the United States Football League, the World Football League, and the Canadian Football League.

Tyler Ethridge was a player from Richland Springs in high school he played from 2004 to 2007. He played as a spread back and safety and played a huge role in leading Richland in the Championships for three years . Every since he played football in the 6th grade he has only lost two games the whole time he was playing at Richland Springs.

Damien Jackson – from the Trinidad Trojans he played 39 games in his high school career in three years . Jackson is a member of Six – Man Football Hall of Fame who was leading the Trinidad Trojans to a State Championships in 1998, he was the first – team selection . Jackson numbers in football are legendary . In three years he carried the ball 510 times for 8,313 yards and scored 151 touchdowns . He had between 210 to two 215 yards per game and nearly four touchdowns .

In Jackson career the team went 33-6 and with 27 of them games they were ending by the 45 points mercy rule . Where it ended him playing in the 2nd half because of the mercy rule he said, “ If it wasn’t for the 45 points rule his number’s would have been way higher”. Damien Jackson have been selected as a player on the University Interscholastic League’s All – Century Six – Man Football team .

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