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Henry David Thoreau Final

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Henry David Thoreau uses contradictory tone in both "The e Moon" and "Indeed Indeed I Cannot Tell" to convey that love will always overshadow hate Furthermore, Henry David Thoreau use of contrast in tone portrays that d ring a time of secrecy, scandals, and mischievous actions, love will always neglect the dreads LU moments in life. "The Moon" is a dramatic poem about a man that expresses his amorous feelings towards a woman. The man has many problems in his life and the woman does not bring g any luck, but her light gives him hope.

Hope that even though he is going through many memo nuts of secrecy, scandals, and mischievous moments that everything will eventually get better . Henry David Thoreau does this by personifying the moon as a lady and showing that his 10 eve for her helps him see all his bulky abundant problems seem small and limited. His love for the moon, lady, helps him realize that life is valuable and that there's no reason to abhor the life he I ivies.

Moreover, Henry David Thoreau talks about how the moon, lady, "does not wane, but m y fortune,' which her rays do not bless,/ my wayward path declined soon,/ but she shines not the less" (Thoreau 71 0) in order to show the contrast between his frightful life and the power an d beauty of the moon. Henry David Thoreau uses tone shift in every other line in order to con trash himself with the moon, he uses a disconsolate tone when talking about his life in order to show that he is weak.

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Afterwards, he shifts to a omnipotent tone to describe the powerfulness s of the moon, lady, and that compared to him she will never become weak. He talks about how s he does not 'Wane"; therefore, she does not fade, but he then he talks about that his fortune does fade making him seem powerless. He also talks about how she does not bring luck to his fortune e and that he took the wrong path that will soon be declining and bringing adversity to his life. La stay, he talks about how none of that matters because the moon does not shine any less; t wherefore, she gives him hope that one day everything will turn out okay.

The contrast is shown aft r every other line because he goes from describing his calamitous life to describing the influent al light of the moon to show how strong her light and beauty is. The moon is a reminder that t beauty still exist even in the darkest moments of ones life and his love towards the moon, lady , helps him see beyond his problems and the life he abhors. Likewise, Henry David Thoreau use of tone shift conveys that no matter h owe much hate and disgust you feel towards a person, there's always going to be a spark Of love u ender all that loath. Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" is a dramatic poem about a man and a choice between lover or hate. The man starts of hating a certain person and doesn't want to believe the at he truly loves them. He thinks that loving the person is some kind of sin and that he is not al lowed to love. Time starts to pass by and no matter how much he tries to hate the person 10 eve strikes him every time. He finally realizes that he can not truly hate the person no matter how much he tires. He figures out that love can not be hidden and that love will always find a away b ace to him no matter how much he tries to push it away.

Hate can not always be a disguise f or love because love will always be able to break through the cracks of hate and when it does I can not be controlled. In addition to, Henry David Thoreau tone shift helps the reader s e the confusion Henry has about whether to love or hate the person. The tone shift is mostly n deiced in lines seven through twelve when Henry starts to talk about how he, "O, I hate thee with a hate/ That would fain, annihilate;/ Yet sometimes against my will,/ My dear friend, love the still. If it were a treason to our love,/ And a sin to God above," (Thoreau 712). Henry uses a tone of abhorrence when talking about how much he hates the person, but then shifts to a tone o f affection to show owe much he wants to love the person. At first Henry starts talking about how he hates the person with so much hate that it will soon destroy him. He then shifts to talk Eng about how sometimes against his will he still loves them. Lastly, he shifts back to talking a bout how loving the person is a betrayal and a sin to the God above.

By using tone shift the re adder can tell that Henry does truly want to love the person, but he is afraid to because he believe sees its a sin to love a person so much. Therefore, he tries to use hate as a disguise in order to make e himself believe that he doesn't not love the person. He soon sees the reality that he can't hate the e person and that his love towards the person is too strong to be hidden; therefore, he agrees that he does love the person. He knows that it's not right to love the person, but with hate comes 10 eve and eventually love starts to take over uncontrollably and there's nothing that can stop it.

Furthermore, in both "The Moon" and "Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" Henry David Thoreau uses contradictory tone to portray that that love will always dominate hate, b UT at the same time he gives the poems their own unique styles. Thoreau poems both illustrate t e power of love, but in two different scenarios. Thoreau use of contradictory tone in "The Mo on" and "Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" illustrates not only how love can overshadow hate, but also how much of an impact love has in peoples lives.

Moon" illustrates a man with a life full I of faults and his love for the moon, in this case a lady. Henry illustrates the impact of love BBC reading a scenario where the love Of a man towards a lady, moon, helps him loss sight Of all his t rubles in life. He makes the man go through many problems, but he doesn't let the man lose t he thought of love. In he end the love he has towards the moon,woman, helps the man realize that no matter what situation he is in his love will never alter.

By only focusing on the good, in this case love, the man realizes that life is precious and that there's not a reason to abhor it no matter what challenges are being faced. While "The Moon" illustrated that love is powerful by using nature, "Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" illustrates the power of love by making It simple e and using a man that just simply believes he hates another person. "Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" is also a poem written by Henry David Thoreau that emphasizes the power of love. Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell" helps the reader picture ho w love overshadows hate, but in a different scenario.

In the poem there's a man that starts out hating a person with a passion, but the hate turned out to be a disguise for his love to wards the person. The man talks about how the person disgust him and how he doesn't know w hats easier to either love or hate them. Throughout the poem he keeps trying to convince himself that he hates the person and that there's no possible way that he could ever love them. As the poem starts to come to an end he admits that he really does love the person, but it wasn't his intent ion to love them.

The poem shows that everyone has hidden love and that hate only occurs who en love is present because no one ever wants to believe that a person could love someone with so much passion; therefore, hate is a disguise for love. Henry David Thoreau used different see Marion in the poems in order to warn people that love is to be taken seriously, but he used contract actors tone in both of the poems to get the message out. By creating different scenarios, but using g the same tone Henry David Thoreau helps the reader gain some knowledge on how love imp acts different people in different ways.

In conclusion, different people have different experiences, but love has the same amount of power. Some people are afraid of the thought of love because maybe they ha eve experienced love in a different way than others. Love can seem like a bad thing but if love is ex perceived in different ways it will leave different scars. Some scars might be bad and want to be forgotten, but they are there as a reminder of the mistakes that don't need to be repeated. Other scars are there as a reminder of how much of a difference love can cause and to show the b tackle that come with love.

Henry David Thoreau flawlessly takes his experiences with love and hate and turns them into different scenarios to show the audience that love and hate can be experienced in different ways. In doing so, he is able to create the image that love will not alt err and that it will always stay same under every single circumstance. Henry David Thoreau, a p helicopter, chooses to take love and hate and show his audience that just because problems late r love doesn't. He helps his audience realize that hate is powerful, but hate really never is felt.

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