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Health Care Management

Pearl Ross Role or Function or Health Care Manager University of Phoenix January 26, 2012 A growing business needs a good manager to accomplish the same goal. The health care is a business and behind every good business is a good manager. A health care manager role is leadership and management.

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“A manager at any level in the health care spends significant amounts of time and place high value on communication, problem solving and decision making, collaboration with other disciplines, people development, and cost containment” (Purnell, 1999).

The manager goal is to get the employer to complete a specific goal effective and efficient. There are four cycles or step a manager goes about an obtaining this goal: organizing, planning, leading, and controlling. The most important role or function of a health care manager is leadership. “Leadership in Health Services provides example of best practice in this dynamic field, disseminating practical, relevant and timely information” (Emerald, 2011). First-class leadership is vital because the complexity of the healthcare system requires the qualities of a good leader who can link the world of management to the world of medical/clinical practice, while understanding people’s needs and accommodating and developing the broad array of health services needed by them” (Al-Haddad, 2003). Although there is nothing written or cut in stone on the behavior or qualification a manager should have in leadership; some organization believe a manager leadership should either be task-orient or relationship orient, depending on the situation.

It would benefit the company if a manager combined the two behaviors. A manager or leader should be a motivator and trustworthy. A manager in the health care field recognize a health care worker is a competent, professional and leader who have the ability to share the vision, plan and decision making of a health care system. Hence, taking this course, Health Care Management will help me in obtaining the skills, knowledge, and technique to become a full, well rounded individual. This course along will not help me become an employable administrator, but it is a steppingstone.

This course will give me the tools I need to further my career by using the steps of manager: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Reference Al-Haddad, M. K. (2003). Leadership in Health care Management. Bahrain Medical Bullten, Vol 25,No1 , 1-3. Emerald. (2011). Leadership and Health care service. Retrieved January 25, 2012, from Emeral Insight: www. emeraldinsight. com/info/journals/lhs/lhs/Jsp Purnell, L. (1999, April). Health care manages’ and administrators’ roles, funtions, and responsibilties. Retrieved January 25, 2012, from pubmed: www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/10363017