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Greatest Lesson

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James Baldwin said," while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn’t any other tale to tell, it’s the only light we’ve got in all this darkness." the storyteller makes this case about the music's capacity. The announcement likewise is still constant for Baldwin's composition. "Sonny's Blues" is a story about misery and triumph, subjects that have been tended to many occasions by different scholars. Baldwin accepted that these were the main things worth expounding on, and all through his productive profession he came back to related topics over and over.

Every investigation was an opportunity at recovery, a chance to make importance out of the pitilessness and hardships throughout everyday life. Sonny is trying to correctly do that with his music, similarly as Baldwin tried to do that with his accounts and expositions. Quality turns into the deliverer, the methods by which we can spare our spirits. And live the life based on the priority of our hearts rather than other speakers.

People are usually saying listen to your heart that will help you to reach your dream. There is one more story which describes the reality of the world and show everyone miror of the society. In that story one of the characters (miss Moore) said once to their child, "Imagine for a minute what kind of society it is in which people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or seven." poor people are also one the part of our society.

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That statement shows the Lesson in the story, that social class isn't in every case reasonable and that individuals with more cash can bear to spend their cash on unnecessary things when individuals of the lower class battle to make a decent living. The rich individuals can bear to burn through cash on toys that could be used to encourage a family.

The rich can buy what they want, and the lower class or middle class could be spending that cash on what they need, The novel sonny’s blue by James Baldwin and The lesson by Toni Cade Bambara both reflects the reality of the current situation of the world. James explained that struggle and suffering teach the way to live a life and give a strength to face any bed situation in life. It often ends up to correct path to be reached in terms of music in this novel. On other side, author explains the class of society and their behavior based on their wants and needs.

Struggle and suffering are one of the best lessons for any individual. That does not only teach the way to live a life but also change our perception about unpleasant situation. There is one steaming films on Netflix which is called "imperial dreams" directed by Malik Vitthal. In that movie, young father who had connected with gangster. Due to that one day he needed to go into prison. During that time, he decided to make him and his son life better when he got off from jail.

But due to his past records he and his son are having an obstacle for each activity which they wanted to do but at the end everything was pay off. This relates to critical Lens because Music is an amazing language that addresses us, moves us, and fills us with feeling. In Sonny's Blues, the voice of Jazz intervenes the connection between two brothers. As the older brother valuation for music develops, he sees better the inconveniences throughout Sonny's life and thus understands the hardships which likewise fill his life. As more music enters the brothers life, the impacts of Sonny's piano playing draws him nearer to his family specially his brother.

Every person has enemies at one side in their body, But when person overcome and get red off from their body that day that person comes with different nature reality. Everyone knows their strength and weakness but when person start using their strength in effective way, it will come up with better outcome. And it will be good for everyone, who are living around. In some of the case, friends and family members are playing very important part. And helpful from take-off the situation.

Everyone has its own identity, everyone has its own class, some of born as a poor and become rich after working hard and using their intelligence. However, some are old rich and never faced any crisis during their childhood. It is not bedding to born from rich family, but it is bed when they make joke and humiliate all the time to poor people/person. There is one book which is talked about rich and poor and it is called "rich dad and poor dad" written by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

The book explains that poor people and middle-class people work for cash and the rich have cash work for them. Also, it explains it's not how much money you make it, but matter is how much money you keep on you. Rich people acquire an asset and poor and middle-class people procure liabilities that they believe are assets. This relates to critical lens because miss Moore kids learnt that to have money is not a big deal but how you keep that /use that which is more important.

Sonny's blue and the lesson both are very inspiration theme for any individual, especially for young generation who has already come and who are going to come later. Because they are going to see some different culture than we have seen so far. Nowadays even kids can easily get drugs shot with the help of other friends and that’s not it even kids know where drugs is selling. For ex: I work in 7-11 which is at the union town. By the next block, there is one union high school. I see them every day when they get off from school. Then they stopby at my store and trying to get us for black a mild and dutch master which are not allowed by law to sell them. We offen see them that how they curious to have those. sometimes If we declined to give them those stuff, they became crazy and started talking bed languages.

That time we feel that are those the future of America. The way days are going responsibility of parents for their kids are going to increase. And also, in the school too. Moreover, the Lesson which reminds me one of my friend consequences while we were studying in high school. His name is ravi, he was one of my best friends in my school life. He belonged to very poor family. The reason behind it because his dad had a big accident, he lost their legs in that accident.

So he couldn’t work , his mother had to work of chores to get basic necessity of the life. On that time days are going in less trouble but when ravi moved to next grade his family faced crisis due to raising fees in the school. During those ravi understood the value of money, because time changes any time. From that till now he built his owned house and has one electronic store in mumbai also he is pursuing for MBA. So whenever I think about ravi I feel so happy and get motivation all the time.

For Baldwin, the most significant topic of the story could be misfortune. His life has been roller-coaster, the passing of his folks, the detestations of war, the loss of his two-year-old little girl to polio, and the trouble of watching his sibling's life fall apart. This pity saturates his account voice, making the tone of the story one of pain and disappointments. On the other hand , As per Barbara, Miss Moore's sentiment that financial disparity is symptomatic of a defective society.

In any case, the exercise does not appear naturally from the youngsters' encounters – rather, it originates from a character who is altogether different from different grown-ups the kids know, and who is viewed as bizarre in the neighborhood. However, its unavoidable truth waits, and Bambara recommends that having seen the degree of imbalance will not before long blur from this perceptive young lady's awareness. Training and mindfulness may be hard, yet they are important.

Thus, " sonny’s blue, which is about music and suffering and there is a new understanding between brothers will at last set them both "free" of the contention. " The Lesson" which reflects the social inequality of African and American and lack of quality education for specific group of people. Also put some light about poverty, which does not mean useless and stupid. So the one exclaimed about suffering and sibling love and other one talk about the black truth of reality. The country has developed but the mentality of people for lower cast people are getting worse. And that has to be changed. If we successful in that exam, whole nation will chage into heaven.

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