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Visual communication is the transformation of thoughts and ideas into pictures, photos, graphs and drawings. It is considered as the most interesting and fascinating form of communication because of the creativity it contains and the vision it requires. According to Wikipedia, visual communication is most commonly used daily when surfing the internet because a person uses his eyes to view the websites therefore the content of the website should be clear and understandable for the viewer’s eyes.

It is usually practiced by using the means of graphic design in order to put across their ideas into pictures or real life projects. This paper will talk about Graphic design, Graphic Designers, the steps a person needs to take to become a graphic designer, all the different fields in graphic design and the way the United Arab Emirates supports its students and future designers. Graphic designers are needed in all types of corporations including commercial and entertainment businesses. In accordance to Wikipedia, “graphic design is the process of communicating visually using text and images to present information. In contrast to what people might think, graphic design “often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated. ” In order for a person to choose graphic design as a career path , that person should be exceptionally creative and artistic, capable of working under pressure to meet deadlines, and has the ability to communicate well with others because his job description will oblige him to correspond with clients frequently and execute their requirements and desires in his/her work.

In reference to newsbytes, a graphic designer should be well aware of the functionality of his/her design rather than just being worried about meeting with the client’s request. “Give clients what they really need, not what they say they need” says Brad Husick, director of marketing for Clement Mok Design. Since graphic designers are responsible for designing the layouts of books, magazines, journals, websites and advertisements, they should always try to modernize their ideas by time in order for their business to receive more clients and become more successful.

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Another requirement of becoming a graphic designer is to receive a certificate that proves the person is capable of using any program that is relevant to design, since employers won’t request work experience but they would rather have a person with skill rather than experience (The Advertiser, March 1991). There is a long list to go through in order for a person to choose what part of graphic design he/she want to specialize in.

That list includes creative director, layout artist, brand identity design, logo designer, flash designer, illustrator, technical illustrator, Photoshop artist, multimedia designer, photographer, prepress technician and a web designer. Each of these job titles has responsibilities such as, a creative director is responsible for “making sure that each of these workers produce and complete their work on time and to the client’s satisfaction. ” A logo designer’s job is “to provide a new and innovative way to express the key message of a company through a recognizable image. And a web designer ‘s job is to create the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages, they play a key role in the development of a website. ” Each one of these jobs requires different courses, different certificates, and different experience, but they all share the sense of creativity and inventiveness in them. They also require a sense of “visual and organizational skills” in order for them to complete their vital duties towards the customers and their requests. In addition, these jobs require attention to detail, problem solving skills, and an up to date knowledge of using new design software.

As for graphic designers in the United Arab Emirates, they are mostly local women who aspire to play an important role in the development in their country and hope to offer back just a part of what their country offered them as of education and job opportunities. I interviewed a small number of Zayed University Graphic design students, who are exceptionally enjoying their courses and university experience, partly because of the encouraging and artistic environment that surrounds them from teachers, colleagues and administrators.

A graduated student commented on her own work “after accomplishing your design and perfecting it, you get a great sense of satisfaction and contentment from within. ” (AlSiri,F. )She also talked about how her family are exceedingly supportive to her studies and designs and continuously try to help her improve her designs and outcomes. The majority of the students agreed that their university is tremendously encouraging and that their teachers are always enthusiastic about their work and designs and re continuously motivating them to work harder and achieve higher positions. They also praised the encouragement and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum for the female students who are trying their best to fulfill their dreams and improve the development of their country, whereas he has made everything uncomplicated for them and helped them by promoting women as leaders and motivating women to head their own businesses and offices through his Highness’ establishment for supporting small businesses.

In conclusion, graphic design is an extremely interesting but difficult profession that requires a variety of skills due to its involvement in both art, I. T and communication. Whereas a graphic designer should learn how to communicate well with his clients, as a part of his job, in order for him to succeed and complete his work creatively yet to the client’s liking.

Additionally, a graphic designer should be very accurate with his deadlines and might sometimes renounce the privilege of sleep, rest or food just to complete his requested orders and tasks. This career path is proven to be for individuals that have the ability and will to work hard and part of a team in order to accomplish the impossible, it also requires a passion for creating new designs and accepting criticism from people with different tastes. Communication research paper Graphic Design

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