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Good Manners are Infectious

From my perspective,it is my belief that good manners are infectious.As we all know,smiles are infectious.So do good manners.

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First of all,as we all live in a society,we cannot escape the influence of others any more than we can escape the influence of the air that we breathe. Thus,more or less,showing good manners can have a positive effect on those around us. For example,when other people are waiting outside politely for people in the elevator to get off first,will you rush into the elevator?

Or when you are in a library where most of the people keep quite,will you answer a phone or making some big noise without scruple? We don’t exclude the possibility that some people will do this. However,I think the majority would follow the good examples. Being exposed to good manners,people are more likely to behave properly. Furthermore,I am convinced that good manners are powerful,for they can polish one’s personality and help people to reach out the one another with less barriers.

Encouraging good manners can help set a fine example to the public and guide people to set up a correct morality. Like a contagious disease,good manners spread among people and slightly make some changes. These changes,slight as they may seem,can really make a different. If everyone has developed good manners,people will form a more harmonious relation. With the behavior of people improved,there will be progress in society. In a word,good manners are infectious and we should try to obtain these.

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