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Feast of Christ the King

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November 21, 2010, is the last day for ordinary times and we will start again to our new liturgical calendar, the beginning of the advent season. We commemorate the feast of Christ our king in Villa del Sol in City of San Fernando Pampanga to be one or be united to praise and glorify Him. The main theme of the celebration is about the Reproductive Health Bill that the Church is not in favor. A prayer rally was held so that the people may be aware of the consequences when this bill will be passed.

A lot of different organization joined the rally to witness the solemnity of our Lord and be one to against the said bill. And when the homily started the priest really focus about the Reproductive Health Bill and associate it with the feast of Christ the King. The Church said that it will weaken and loosen the moral fiber of the nation and it will introduce a new culture, the culture of death. Also it will have an irreversible consequence in our life.

By listening and understanding the homily, the Reproductive Health Bill is not appropriate to each one of us because of the consequences like it is anti-poor and anti-life. As a Catholic, life is so important to us. We treasure it because life is not our possession, God only give it to us and He is the only one who can tell when will we going to die and what is our future. We only do what good for everyone and God will give us what we really deserve.

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Feast of Christ the King

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