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Favorite Family Get-Together

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Getting together with family is something that most of us look forward to. Throughout the years our family has grown with all sorts of personalities, Making every get-together fun, interesting, and memorable. Even though I see my family quite often, our get-togethers are always quite entertaining. While we celebrate birthdays, holidays, special occasion, and new or old traditions, By far my three favorite are my mom's birthday, pumpkin carving contest, and New Year's.

My first favorite family get together is my mom's birthday. No matter what day the week her birthday is my siblings and I always managed to gather our families enjoying my mom for dinner. It's indescribable how happy that makes her. We bring her favorite dish and pastry. At the dinner table we take turns to express our gratitude and I love for my mom. Throughout the night we gathered up and see her open the gift and read the card her grandkids made for her. Every year is a blessing to be able to enjoy that moment.

My second favorite family get together is our pumpkin carving contest. We came up with this tradition couple of years ago. Teams are formed by family and their kids, we help them carve their pumpkin into any character or picture of their choice. To make it fun we give out prices for the winning pumpkin. The children get so involved and become competitive that the competition gets quite interesting. The losers end up cleaning the mess left over from the carving process it became more popular with the kids as they grow older.

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The competition became more serious. But at the end of the contest everyone goes home with a great carved pumpkins. My third favorite family get together with the New Year's day. Our family celebrates not only for the upcoming new year But also for the year that ends. The children play throughout the night and the adults just relax, Conversation; Making it seem like we rarely see each other throughout the year. My family only consists of my immediate family.

Making it more meaningful, private, and warming. The countdown to the new year is by far the best. We get in spirit, putting on hats, glasses, beads of the upcoming new year numbers. As a family we end the year and we welcome the new year with popping streamers, and loud horns, The most importantly as a family. Throughout the years our family get-togethers have become memorable. Celebrating birthdays traditional events and holidays makes our little families become one.

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