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Facility Planning Part I

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Facility Planning-Part l When making plans to build or renovate a heath care facility there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration. The first thing to start with is the community. The planner must evaluate the community to find out what type of community the facility is located in and if the facility is serving the needs of the community. This paper will take a look at a community in on the south side of Chicago and the new development of a long-term care facility in the community.

It will discuss the community’s need for the long-term care facility. It will discuss the type of population the long-term care facility serves. It will also give a description of the long-term care facility serving the older adults in the community. Roseland is a large community located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. It is a mixed community of all ethnics and ages. For the older adults it is not a community for them to live alone in. The community is flourishing with youths and with the youths came a rise in crime.

Drugs and violence is running rapid, however, the older adults don’t want to leave their homes, their community, their known surroundings. Also affecting the community is the economy. With property taxes and the cost of living on the rise, it is a struggle for the older adults to maintain their independents. With these things coming against the aging adults, there came the need to place the aging adults some place safe and affordable without taken them out of the community. This need lead to the development of a supportive living community.

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There are more than 60 long-term care options. These services are divided into nine categories. Supportive living, also called assisted living, falls under the Housing category. Independent housing, continuing care retirement community, and group housing also falls under the Housing category of long-term care options. Supportive living services were uniquely developed for older adults who cannot function without help and consequently cannot be assisted in a residential-care or retirement-living facility.

The cost for living in a supportive living community costs can range between $2,000 and $2,000, depending on the room size and amenities. There is an additional charge for medical services. This is the perfect service for older adults who need assistance but don’t require 24 hour monitoring or help. It is also perfect for the older adult who can’t afford to live on his or her own because of the cost of living. Victory Centre of Roseland is a Supportive Living Community by Pathway Senior Living. Victory Centre of Roseland is for those in need of some assistance with the activities of daily living.

This facility has private studios with a resident call system and a step in shower. The staff provides three daily meals, medication management, housekeeping and laundry weekly, wellness programs, scheduled trips and activities, routine maintenance, all utilities except phone, cable, and internet, living room with fireplace, library, a dining room for family and private gatherings, courtyard garden with patio, community room with 50” TV, craft room with demonstration kitchen, beauty/barber shop, and a bathtique with whirlpool. It is also pet friendly.

Making plans to renovate or build a facility takes a lot of work and planning. One of the main considerations is to take a look at the community and the needs of the people in the community. On the south side of Chicago, Illinois the Roseland community felt the need to establish a supportive living for the older adults who reside there. Out of this need came the development of Victory Centre of Roseland. Developed by Pathway Senior Living, this facility provides a safe, affordable place for the older adults to reside without living his or her community.

This facility offers the comfort of home along with providing companionship and the security of 24-hour staffing, or assistance with life’s daily tasks. This community has everything an older adult needs to enjoy each day of his or her life to the fullest. It is conveniently located near shopping, medical offices, and transportation. This park-like ground, comfortably furnished community provides a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city in the city.

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