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English essay Journeys BY Iodides Journey is a concept of people's imagination including their use of inner thinking and physical act. Journey present new challenges to characters. The film 'Shawano Redemption' and the text Johannesburg: March 2003' present how characters mature and gain new experience on their Journeys that Is most likely In a form of emotionally or Intellectually and "Every journey has Its own challenges".

There are multiple ways of arguing; however I will show how hope and sarcasm Is shown in the text and the film by using language techniques and visual techniques to demonstrate both the ext 'Johannesburg: March 2003' and the film 'Shawano Redemption' on how to overcome complex challenges or obstacles in a Journey that some characters may encounter during their journeys. The film 'Shawano Redemption' directed by frank dartboard demonstrates the vast change in Andy Defense life from being a genius banker to being sentenced a life imprisonment for the accusation of murdering his wife and her lover, though he was innocent.

The film was set to be viewed by adults and mature teenagers and those whose favorite actor is Morgan Freeman as he plays the role as 'Red' and the narrator In the film and the purpose of he film was to show hope and the significance of never Glenn up due to the belief of something greater to come In my pollen and that every Journey has It Is complex challenges. The 'Introduction of the Inside prison scene' demonstrates Andy Defense first impression of the Shawano prison while he perceives at the huge walls of the Shawano prison.

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Frank Dartboard uses medium shot followed by a low angle camera shot. It is used to present Andy upcoming challenges as Defense stares glaring at the huge walls of the Shawano prison, as it creates an impact upon the ewers and demonstrates Andy Defense fears and regret of entering Shawano prison as he was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Another visual technique the director uses is a close up shot when Andy Is in the process of escaping the Shawano prison.

The background voice of the narrator 'Red' also helps the viewers to have a better understanding of the difficulty upon Defense challenge as he tries crawling through the Shawano sewerage exit, and as the narrator quotes ' Andy crawled five-hundred meters of salt, just as big as five football fields'. This shows End's dedication to escape Shawano prison and live as a Riemann once again. The studied text 'Johannesburg: March 2003' is about a brave journalist named Sally Sara who needs to overcome her fears by challenging herself to go on a dangerous journey to south Africa which she was not certain of.

The main reason why must she commit to this challenge is so that she doesn't lose her Job as a successful Journalist and thus she became an Abs's Africa correspondent. Her physical Journey affected her inner perspective and 'every journey has its challenges'. This text 'Johannesburg: March 2003' was compiled by Tremor Barman and was imposed by Sally Sara to show and give an idea of life In Africa and what a journalist might experience during their Journey according to their challenges and difficulties through their life.

The text 'Johannesburg: March 2003' presents to the viewer's on how a physical journey changes Into an Inner Journey, as It uses a variety of language techniques such as Imagery, sarcasm and juxtaposition. I will show how 'Cloud and smoke in golden light'. Another significant technique Sally Sara uses is sarcasm as it is presented when the plane descends as Sally Sara Sarcastically totes Welcome to Africa' to show the audience that her Journey will be difficult and an unpleasant Journey faced with many encounters.

Both texts are relevant to the concept of Journey; however differences are shown throughout the differences of the protection sources as Sally Sara was highly protected by security guards and Andy Defense disadvantaged protection as he was often attacked and raped in Shawano prison by the 'Three sisters'. While similarities are also depicted or shown as Andy Defense and Sally Sara had a negative perspective of their Journey as they both receives a sarcastic welcome in the beginning of their Journey.

To conclude my argument, Journeys are full of obstacles and challenges and the truth of the statement 'every Journey has its own challenges' as presented in the text 'Johannesburg: March 2003' and the film 'Shawano Redemption' as the characters face extreme challenges and defeat their obstacles and encounters by working and planning hard, which eventually had lead them to win and overcome their unpleasant Journeys having a satisfying end to their extreme challenges in their difficult and unpleasant Journeys that they were on in the film 'Shawano Redemption' and the in class studied text 'Johannesburg: March 2003'.

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