Educational Trip to UP Diliman and PHILVOCS

The first part of the trip was on UP Dilemma Engineering Laboratory, the first equipment introduce to us was the hydraulic bench, it is used to investigate channel flow, hydraulic Jump, determining the coefficient of discharge flow of the system. The second equipment was air pipe assembly and oil pipe assembly, for the air pipe it is used to determine friction losses in pipe and discharge, oil pipe it is used to determine if the flow is laminar or turbulent, velocity distribution in pipes.

The other equipment were the closed circuit wind tunnel, it determines the pressure distribution and velocity distribution around various bodies, Portable Wind tunnel, it determines the lift and drag around various bodies. The other equipments are the different types of Universal Testing Machines, which determines the strength of the material being tested. For the testing of steel reinforcement they are determining the yield point and breakage point of the steel, while on the concrete cylinder testing they are only to determine the ultimate strength of concrete because concrete doesn’t have yield point.

The last equipment they show us was the rainfall simulator which determines the discharge flow of water on the drainage system. The second part of the trip was on PHILIPPICS, here they discuss us the recently earthquake that happened on Boll which is 7. 2 magnitude. The presentation they show us tells us how devastating the earthquake was, it has destroy a lot of establishments and churches that are centuries old, the place was a total mess.

In here they explained to us how disastrous an earthquake can be. For us being Civil Engineering students they have a presentation which shows the full scale shaking test of CHUB houses, which shows the difference of a substandard and standard built houses. They also thought us here on how to be prepared when earthquakes occurred and also remind us to check our houses if they are safe when time earthquake occurs.

Because of the this educational trip it awakens me that the reality of responsibility of being a Civil Engineer we should not only be obliged to Just do our work, we also need to ensure the safety of the people around us. It is strongly recommended for us to have this kind of educational trip because it is true that we can’t learn everything with Just the four corners of the classroom, sometimes we need to go beyond the four corners of a classroom.

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Educational Trip to UP Diliman and PHILVOCS
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