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Field Trip Vancouver and Whistler

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Geographical and climate

  • Vancouver
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The Vancouver is the heart of British Columbia surrounded by burred inlet and English bay and to the south by Fraser River. Although it is not a capital of British Columbia, it is famous for tourist attraction. The city has mostly populated around 6lakh 50 thousand people. It is found that 50% resident of Vancouver are not native English speakers.

Vancouver mostly compromise with 4 seasons summer, winter, spring, fall / autumn. However, summer is warmest usually stays from June to September, the average temperature of summer in Vancouver is between 20 •c to 35•c People usually enjoy summer after experiencing the winter. Vancouver climate is different from other cities as winter are moderate with little snow.

  • Whistler

The whistler is the city of British Columbia located nearby 100 km from north of Vancouver. Whistler is one of the beautiful places for tourist destination. Many tourists went to explore the beauty of Whistler. It is not a plane land because most of the whistler area have mountains.

The population of whistler is around 12,000 plus, moreover other population are like temporary workers, there are many workers went for job opportunity mostly a young people. However, it is famous for tourist destination, people enjoy their weekend there by participating in different entertaining, physical activities like snowboarding, alpine skiing and so on. Whistler is one of the top destination places for tourist in Canada.

Whistler is just close to Vancouver but still there is huge difference in climatic conditions. In whistler the winters are cold usually experience rainier than in summer, people love to visit during winter because of it snowfall, they come to enjoy the winter sports and other physical activities even people love to visit during summer to enjoy the natural environment and beauty of Whistler.

Local History

  • Vancouver

The Vancouver city was founded by native people. The native people are also known as for First Nation people. After a few years however, the Britisher said that this land was belonged to them. After a huge debate and conflict the city was named as Vancouver in 1886
Modern Vancouver – In 20th century Vancouver city started to grow in infrastructure and several new attractions were opened.

However, in the middle of 20th century H.R Macmillan Space Centre, gas tow steam clock, hub out Centre and many more infrastructures was built for development of Vancouver. Nowadays Vancouver is well developed city and ranked in top 10 cities for excellent living conditions.

  • Whistler

The whistler is not only beautiful in a frame but also famous for its deep history. It is the tourist place from past many years. The growth of hospitality in whistler started by two pilgrims named Alex and myrtle Philips, in those days' whistler was known as altar lake. The first development took place in 1914 by those two travelers who invented fishing honeymoon resort also called rainbow lodge.

In the same year the Railway passes through altar lake to Vancouver making easier to move from one place to another. After the growth in railway, the whistler started to grow in many ways like new industries mills were opened providing job opportunity to the people. Thereafter new lodges were built around the lake to host the tourist.

Local Culture and Tradition

  • Vancouver

The city is well known for its wonderful culture and atmosphere. The peoples are very helpful, understanding and very friendly in nature. The most people are passionate to do gym and also care for their fitness, gym center is almost full at any time of the day. The Vancouver is multicultural city shaped with 5 main culture Native people, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian.

In Vancouver most people enjoy street walk in spite of going anywhere by car or bus, they love to explore the area and also to enjoy the natural beauty of surrounding. The Vancouverites are the hot beverage lover, they are found to be addicted to coffee, even enjoy time spending in any coffee shops like Tim Hortons, Starbucks and so on.

  • Whistler

This place known for its unique culture because there are many pieces of art that attracts everyone. Mostly people choose whistler as their destination to explore the tradition and customs. Whistler has worn the crown of most famous destination. Its local culture also serves the different flavors of food that highly reflects the tradition of the place and makes it special.
Tourism Statistics of Vancouver and Whistler

Visitors to Whistler Vancouver February YTD 2016 YTD 2015 % Change

  • Total Visitors 558,997 1,114,729 1,019,157 9.4%
  • Canada 314,212 636,138 600,880 5.9%
  • U.S 159,287 307,047 266,290 15.3%
  • Europe 18,384 36,167 32,772 10.4%
  • Mexico 6,142 12,768 9,801 30.3%
  • Asia/Pacific 57,142 113,068 101,115 11.8%

source: Tourism Vancouver's Visitor Volume Model, MNP (Data to February year-to-date 2016)

From this table is definitely describing that Vancouver and Whistler is going to be the most attraction for visitor in the future. Study of 2017 illustrating that Vancouver has set a record for how many tourists have visited our fair city. According to Tourism Vancouver's figures for overnight visitation in 2017, we welcomed 10,345,867 people to Metro Vancouver. That's an amazing record that was recorded by British Columbia tourism.

CITATION ABa17 l 1033 (Banner, 2017)

Attitude Toward Tourist Vancouver and Whistler is a multicultural city, many people all are around the world lives in this beautiful city. The individuals in Vancouver and Whistler are like individuals anyplace. 90% decent and 10% jerks. In any case Canadians, whereas inviting, tend to keep to themselves more than Americans and will not bother you unless there's a great reason. People of this city are so welcoming, happy and respecting each other. A few individuals will see that as reserved quality.

Unless you see like an self-evident visitor, going up to irregular outsiders anywhere in Vancouver may be a formula for being disregarded, as they'll think you're getting to tell them a sappy story of how your wife is giving birth over town and you wish cash for a cab, you're passing on with HIV and you would like cash, you're a hiker who needs cash for a inn, you wish cash for drugs, etc.

CITATION Glo12 l 1033 (Glover, 2012)Relevant Detail About Places to Be Visited

HYPERLINK "" o "Britannia Mines"

  • Britannia Mine – A chronicled copper mine historical center found up the Ocean to Sky highway 45 minutes from Vancouver.
  • Burnaby Village – A reconstructed historical village.
  • Canada Place – A scenic almost-ship-like building that's good for walking around in the heart of the city and home to the Flyover Canada flight simulation attraction.
  • English Bay – Vancouver's most famous beach, conveniently located by trendy Denman street
  • Whistler-Blackcomb – Canada's most celebrated world-class ski resort (found not in Metro Vancouver, but 2 hours absent up the Sea to Sky Highway).
  • Peak 2 Peak Gondola- Worlds longest largest Gondola ride stretching 4.4 kilometers between the two mountains some 435 meters up.
  • Ziplining – Whoosh over 2,100 meters above rivers, canyons, and old-growth rain forest with Whistler zipline tours.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge – An array of bridges through the trees and over the Capilano River.
  • Stanley Park – An colossal world-class open stop with a wonderful 10 km seawall including staggering views. CITATION Loy18 l 1033 (Loyalty Solution, 2018)


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