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Economics Of Cybersecurity MOOC Depar

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We are pleased to announce that on 20 January 201 5, we will launch an online course the Economics of Subjectivity, as part of des Professional Education. The course pro vides a thorough introduction to the field, delivered by leading researchers from Delft Uneven sits of Technology, University of Cambridge, University of Muenster and Southern Methodist University. The course will provide you with the economic concepts, measurement approaches a ND data analytics to make better security decisions, as well as understand the forces that shah pee the security sections of other actors in the ecosystem of information goods and services.

It cover s five main areas: 2. 3. 4. 5. Introduction to key concepts in the economics of subjectivity. Here, we provide an o overview Economics Of Subjectivity MOOCH Depart By Saguaros-Florin sets. Measurements and empirical research into security issues, decisions and incentives of actors. We analyze data on security incidents in different markets, as well apply economic co incepts to explain the strategies of attackers and defenders. Economics of information security investment. We discuss and apply different economy mimic models that help determine the costs and benefits of security investments.

Market failures and policy interventions. We discuss available economic tools to Bette r align the incentives for subjectivity, including better technologies, security metrics, cyber insurance and risk transfer, information sharing, and liability assignment. Human behavior. We explore the lessons from behavioral economics to understand the heuristics and biases of actors when they diverge from what is considered rational b behavior in conventional economic theory. HTTPS://www. WI. Muenster. E/news/1417824113 1/2 After successfully completing this course, you will be able to position yourself as a vita al subject matter expert regarding the economic drivers that influence subjectivity. The e learning course and case studies provide a solid fundamental understanding of the economics of CB recruits as discipline. We believe these new resources will help to raise the awareness among the SSE of you in the profession today as well as those of you with a future in subjectivity - about the role that o can play in helping us to ensure a more secure society.

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Economics Of Cybersecurity MOOC Depar

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For more details about the course content and cost, as well as registration, please visit t the website: HTTPS://www. Des. Org/course/economicscybersecuritydelftxeconseclolx Please note that this course is designed as part of deed's professional series, so it's tar edged at executive education. We also plan to offer a more traditional MOOCH covering these topics but geared toward graduate students and researchers later next Spring. We hope you will Join us!

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