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Earth and Yuri Gagarin

In my presentation I will tell you about the first cosmonaut. The purpose of this presentation to know more about the life of Yuri Gagarin and his exploits. Also explains how Gagarin prepared to fly into space, the process of this important event and what happened with the first cosmonaut after he made his flight.

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And in the presentation contains different photos of Gagarin with his family and friends. Career in the Soviet space program It was on the 12th of April, 1961, when the first flight by man into cosmic space took place.

Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in the world, he was a 27 years old Air Force pilot at that time. The space ship flew at the speed of 300 miles a minute. That’s six times faster than man ever travelled before. His flight lasted 108 minutes, but a circuit round the Earth took 89 minutes. It was a brilliant achievement on the part of our scientists and technologists, and on the part of Gagarin who risked his life to achieve a victory for his country. This is what Yuri Gagarin said at this press conference: “On my flight around the Earth was clearly seen: the continents, island and seas.

Flying over the land I could clearly see the big squares of fields and it was possible to distinguish which was meadow and which was forest I could not see as well as from an airplane. I saw for the first time with my own eyes the Earth’s shape. I must say that the view of the horizon is very beautiful. You can see the noticeable change from the light surface of the Earth in to completely black sky in which you can see the stars. It is very gradual and lovely. In space the shines ten times more brightly than on the Earth.

The stars can be seen very well. I felt excellent as I entered space. Everything was easier to do when weightlessness . My legs and arms weighed nothing. Objects swam in the cabin. During this state of weightlessness I ate and drank and everything was the same as on the Earth. The passage back from weightlessness to the force of gravity happened smoothly. Arms and legs feel the same as during weightlessness, but now they have weight. When I returned to the Earth I was full of joy. ” Death and legacy After the flight Gagarin became a worldwide celebrity.

He went around the globe with press conference and everywhere people were impressed by his charming smile, inelegance and simplicity. In 1962, he began serving as a deputy to the Supreme Soviet. Unfortunately, he tragically died during a training flight on an airplane. But he is remembered throughout Russia forever. American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin left one of Gagarin’s medals on the moon as a tribute. Moreover in Russia there are a lot of streets, squares, schools and colleges bear his name.