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Dorian Gray Persuasive In my opinion a person’s outward appearance does not necessarily reflect who he/she is inside. How many times have you thought someone acted and lived a certain way just by looking at them, but then got proven wrong after getting to know them? How many times have you thought someone looked very unapproachable but turned out to actually be the opposite? What a person looks like on the outside could be completely different from their personality. There are people in the world that have bright colored hair and skin filled with ink and piercings.

Most people perceive those kinds of people to be aggressive and strange with no goals in life but in all honesty they could be successful with enormous hearts filled with generosity. Although there are people who tend to present how they live or what kind of person they are by their appearance, there are numerous people who do the opposite. The idea of making yourself look like the opposite of who you really are could be difficult to understand but people do that simply because they can and choose to.

For example, in the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” the main character creates the impression that he is innocent and harmless because of his good looks, when in reality he contains a sinister mind and can be very cruel at times. The characters in the story hear many horrible rumors that Dorian Gray indulges in dark, sordid behavior; though when they see him they dismiss all the dreadful things they hear about him because his charming looks makes them feel a sense of “purity” towards him.

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A person’s physical appearance could make one’s mind believe that they know how that person acts in life. People are often misjudged just because they wear tight clothes, have tattoos, baggy jeans, crazy hair, etc. It’s not fair that this happens but that is just the way society is. We may think we know someone just by looking at them but in reality we really will have no idea how they act or live their life until we really get to know that person. Never judge a book by its cover.

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