Does She Still Exist?

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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The moment as a newborn child entered this world a year ago, still remains vivid in my mind. It’s hard to believe I lost my aunt, the one person who was so close to heart, someone whom I used to look for, someone who treated me like her own daughter, all the memories that I have spent with her still lingers all over my mind.

Every day before I got to bed ask myself a question " does she still exist ?" Who would have thought that a newborn would change everyone’s life in the family? It is hard to accept the truth of how my aunt had to sacrifice herself to ensure her child’s survival. If that decision was made in time, then both of them would have made it. Life doesn’t come prepared, sometimes things are meant to happen. There are times when people have to make tough decisions where the answer is not clear and as human beings, we try to be prepared whatever obstacles come in our way.

December 16, 2017, I exactly remember that day when both of my parents were in my room talking on the phone with eyes full of tears. By looking at their faces, I could tell something really bad has happened. I could stop myself from asking my parents what actually happened. My parents were out of words, not a single came out of their mouth. Afterward, when I heard them talking I came to know that my aunt passed away after giving birth to a baby boy.

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I sat down with shock in my face with the broken heart. Is there anything left anymore? Questioned me. Knowing that someone is dead is very hard to accept, especially if that is someone who was close to your heart. My aunt, she was not just an aunt for me, instead, she was my literally a second mom for me. When I was young She raised me like her own daughter. Her daughter, my cousin we was10 almost the same age.

My aunt, she never made me feel that I was being less treated than her daughter. She always made sure I was loved and care equally as her daughter. Remembering all those things she has done for me, I could not accept the fact that she is not with us anymore. Even though we were 1000 miles away from each other she never stop showing care for me, always made sure I was doing good in life.

Death is not something we can stop, it is that natural process where everyone has to go with. Knowing that someone from your family is not alive no more, that hurts more than anything in the world, It is like the biggest heartbreaking news. The bad news was that she died due to the bad hospital service.

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