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Djoser vs Zinggurat

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Bih Mancho Proff Vick Art 104 24 September, 2011 Djoser vs. Ziggurat Djoser, the Third Dynasty King gave permission for the earliest known architectural monument in Egypt to be constructed “The Step Pyramid”. The Architect behind this great structure was someone whom worked very closely with Djoser in governing Saqqara, His Prime Minister, by name Imhotop. Imhotep is the first architect in history to be identified. In the beginning Imhotep intended to make Djosers tomb a one floor mastaba it was only later on that he made the decision to make it bigger.

It was the final structure is what was given the name the Step Pyramid. (Stokstad53) This structure was built as a result of elaborate Egyptian funerary practices to make sure that those who died actually moved on into the afterlife safely and effectively (Stokstad53) The Ziggurat on the other hand was constructed under the rule of King Urnammu of Ur. During his reign the king Urnammu funded a good number of building campaigns. As a result of his sponsorship the well-known Ziggurat was constructed with a concept of imperial authority (pg36).

Both structures were quite vast in size and seem to have covered a large area of land. The Ziggurate was constructed with mud brick while that of the Pyramid was constructed with limestone. The Ziggurat had a rectangular base of 205 by 141 feet with 3 sets of stairs which all came together at the entrance gate (Stokstad36). The Pyramid on the other hand is a 92 foot shaft that descended from the original mustaba. Enclosed within the pyramid a descending corridor at the base of the step pyramid provided an entrance from outside to the burial ground (Stokstad53).

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Djoser vs Zinggurat

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In my opinion the Nanna Ziggurat is more appeling to the eye than the structure of the Step Pyramid. The Ziggurate was constructed as a dedication to the moon god Nanna, also called Sin (pg36). The Pyramid was equally created with respect to a certain god but it served two purposes. The Step Pyramid signified a stairway to the Sun god Ra but it also served another purpose. It protected the tomb in which the kings mummified body was buried. (Stokstad53). It provided a comfortable home for the Ka of the departed king. So that even after death he would be able to watch over Egypt and make sure the country remained in he good state in which they left it. In my opinion the Step Pyramid has more of a meaningful background story to it than the Ziggurat. It is much more than just a large magnificent monument created to worship a god unlike the Ziggurat, the Pyramid served a purpose on earth as well as in the heavens. I believe if so much time and hard work is put into developing such a marvelous structure at least it should serve some purpose to the people of the land on which it was built not just to praise a god or to signify authority but to preserve the culture and history of the people.

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