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Discipline: Training

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This essay is to explain discipline to you and what it means to me and what it means to everyone. I will be covering discipline and what it means both definition and in my opinion. I will be giving three examples of both good and bad discipline. My examples of good shall include writing a long paper or essay and how it does take discipline, drive and determination to write and research. Soldiers like Special Forces and Rangers and the very hard training they go through, like selection or ranger selection. The time spent away from the ones we love during said training like AIT or basic training.

Basic training consists of 10 weeks and AIT consists of 14 weeks. Selection and the Q course consists of almost 2 years. My examples of bad shall include people that quit because they want an easier way out, nothing in life that is worth it isn't easy. Rebellious teenagers that have to act out just because they think that they have a problem with authority and positive role models. People who are always getting in trouble is another example of bad discipline, rather they be getting in trouble because of lack of listening or just lack of caring, both lack discipline.

This essay will then close with my conclusion on discipline. I will recap on the topics I have touched along with my final statements on it. A first good example about discipline is writing this essay. Discipline to take the time away from the 4 of July weekend to research and write this essay. The group have gotten in trouble for a few people that do not have discipline or follow rules, and the group got punished for it. The group know that the military believes in mass punishments because they believe disciplined soldiers will help undisciplined soldiers work on their discipline and military manners.

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Discipline: Training

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But most of the time those undisciplined soldiers do not like to listen to other soldiers when trying to help them out or keep them in line. Some people might not write the essay but the few with discipline will write this essay and explained what discipline is. Discipline is a training to act in accordance with rules. Rules that us as US Army soldiers have to follow and maintain every day in our military career. Being in the military requires you to have discipline to be able to succeed in your military career.

Soldiers like the ones in Ranger or Special Forces training require a lot of discipline to be able to succeed in their careers, to be able to succeed in all their training and make selection and the Q course. It is also that same discipline that brings those teams and individual soldiers home alive. Only soldiers with discipline are able to stay focus and succeed with the hard training they go through. I believe every single soldier going through BCT and AIT should look up to those soldiers going through all the hard training and their discipline.

Just like the discipline that they have after having to leave our love ones for long periods of time to go through BCT and AIT. Some leaving their wives/husbands and kids to give them a better life and education. To show their kids that discipline is learn and earn at any age and any stage of your life. Some others to succeed in their personal career and continue with their education. To give their future families the best life or the life they weren’t able to have. It takes discipline to be able to be away and still be able to function with your military career.

Examples of bad discipline include people that prefer to give up or quit because they think it is the easier way. How they think that by quitting you get out of anything faster and you won’t have to worry about it. They still don’t understand that being in the military it is not easy to just quit, it is not like any other job. You signed a contract with the government that willingly binds you to terms of service. After the government invest in your future the government expects you to fulfill your contract.

We still have soldiers in this service that did not have the discipline to follow the rules and are stuck suffering though the corrective punishment until their contract is up or the government decides that the individual can not correct him or herself. Lack of discipline starts at home, some people do not have the necessary discipline before joining the military and since they believe they are adults they do not want to change or listen. Showing lack of discipline shows weakness within yourself, and that goes back to giving up and quitting.

Just like rebellious teenagers are always getting in trouble because they feel like listening to authority is lame. People like that are the ones that when they join the military believe that they can get away with not listening or following rules because they have not been doing it back at home. Those same individuals are the same ones that are always getting in trouble and is because of them that just make everyone else life harder, and since they feel like they know better, they think that it is lright to keep acting the way they have been acting back at home. In conclusion, this essay has thoroughly discussed discipline and have expressed my opinion and my beliefs on the matter. This essay has given the definition along with a lot of examples. This essay has given three examples of good like the long training that soldiers have to go though and the discipline it takes to get there. The kind of discipline it takes to do something that does not come easy to all like writing this essay.

This essay has also given three examples of bad discipline like people who quit because its easier. How some people have to cause trouble for others. The steps it takes from the day that were born and the others around us that raise us and teach us about being discipline make a huge difference in our lives, not just our lives but the lives around us too. It makes life easier for the whole. Being able to work together can turn a walk into a run during everyday projects and tasks. Working together takes discipline.

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