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The aspect of disaster has been a prevalent attribute within any societal setting. The strength of the society towards this has been provided by various processes modeled as disaster management strategies. Every community has been therefore at a projected risk of effect by various conceptions of disasters. However, the success of any disaster management process is a compliment of various phases. Mitigation is the process of gaining the knowledge about the disaster and developing possible measures of avoiding the risks involved.

It therefore involves an assessment of the probable risks which could affect oneself, property of family. It is the compound of both structural as well as non structural processes and measures that are taken towards limiting the impacts held by the disaster (John, 2005). Preparedness is the process whose aim is mainly to prevent the occurrence of the disaster. It compounds the preparation of the procedures and equipments which could be used when the disaster occurs. Disaster response implies the probable methods of fulfilling and providing the basic and adequate humanitarian needs that are of importance to those affected.

It therefore governs the structures of providing assistance and help for the affected persons to undertaken persuasive process in driving out from the crisis. Disaster recovery process comes after the possible immediate threats and effects to people have subsided. It implies restoring the affected property and people to their former state of living by supplying the very essential necessities and creating conditions for a continued life. (John, 2005) In my community, preparedness towards disaster has been a crucial role. Various structures, policies and processes have been constituted to avoid and deal with risks.

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Various processes have been developed to create possible environments that prevent risks from their occurrence. It has used mass decontamination, emergency evacuation processes, quarantines, developing emergency structures for the support of rebuilding and supporting the society after these occurrences above other fundamental measures. At my personal level, I have been obligated in creating moral awareness on the principles and codes of risks mitigations. This is by providing supportive processes that enlighten the society about the possible measures in disaster control (John, 2005).

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