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Disadvantages of Manpower Planning

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For the banking institutions in the UAE to effectively undertake the process of manpower planning, it would be necessary that the organizations project their future requirements and needs (Ashwini 2009). What would follow is that the banking institutions in the UAE would then compare the considered present and future requirements and needs with the present HR figures and future resources (Ashwini 2009). Having done that, the banking institutions in the UAE would then embark on appropriate measures aimed at bridging the gap and attaining the optimum HR figures that they need (Bratton & Gold 2003).

Manpower planning should form part of the HR strategy of the banking institutions in the UAE (Bratton & Gold 2003). This is because a detailed HR strategy plays a very significant role in achieving the strategic objectives that the banking institutions in the UAE would want to achieve (Workinfo. com 2008). The detailed HR strategy would also demonstrate that the HR function of the banking institutions in the UAE clearly understands the future the organization wants to take.

What this implies is that the HR strategy would be seeking to portray the people perspective of what the banking institutions in the UAE hope to accomplish in the future in the medium to long-run (Bratton & Gold 2003). A detailed HR strategy will also go along way in supporting the particular strategic objectives of the other departments of the banking institutions in the UAE (Workinfo. com 2008). For instance, the strategy would support the strategic objectives of the financial, marketing and operational functions of the banking institutions in the UAE.

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In essence the HR strategy seeks to ensure that the banking institutions in the UAE have the right manpower in place and that the people are rightly skilled. In fact, there is a relationship between manpower planning process, and the achievement of the organizational strategies and targets (Bratton & Gold 2003). Therefore, HR strategy is supposed to add value to the banking institutions in the UAE thereby having several importances to the banks. One importance of manpower planning to the banking institutions in the UAE is that it reduces wastages when it comes to the way the recruitment of people is done.

In the same way, it reduces uncertainty pertaining to the prevailing personnel levels and future needs. The other importance of manpower planning is that reduces mistakes in the process of recruitment (Yogesh 2009). Manpower planning by the banking institutions in the UAE also seeks the shortage of workers and skill and eliminating the under of overstaffing (Bratton & Gold 2003). At the same time, manpower planning assists in the preparation of succession plans as well as in restructuring the optimum future work force by way of recruiting the right employees in terms of skill, numbers and competence (Yogesh 2009).

What the above implies is that manpower planning is undertaken to map out the HR requirements of the banking institutions in the UAE. As they do this, the banking institutions in the UAE make consideration as to their short term and long-term organizational needs (Yogesh 2009). From the above discussion, it can be seen that there are several advantages of manpower planning. It is worth noting that the advantages are founded on the basic principle that manpower planning seeks to obtain the optimal utilization of the available employees (Yogesh 2009).

The first advantage is that manpower planning is useful not only to the banking institutions in the UAE, but it is equally important to UAE as a country. In other words, the advantage of manpower planning cuts across both the organizations and the country of UAE (Yogesh 2009). Perhaps the most common advantage of manpower planning is the fact that it enables organizations such as the banking institutions in the UAE to establish not only the number skills of employees they are in need of (Ashwini 2009).

This is a very strong advantage for the reason that the process highlights to the banking institutions in the UAE the employees whose recruitment should be done and the sources where they can be found. This has the implication that a well undertaken process of manpower planning ensures that the recruitment process is not done in a haphazard manner (Bratton & Gold 2003). Manpower planning therefore goes a long way in eliminating issues of over or understaffing which can be very costly to the banking institutions in the UAE.

Disadvantages of Manpower Planning essay

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Absenteeism, turnover, seasonal employment, technological changes and market fluctuations are the uncertainties which serve as constraints to manpower planning.

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A company carrying out manpower planning cannot say with 100 percent surety that their estimates about the manpower will be accurate because sometimes the company recruits more employees than required and sometimes it recruits fewer employees than required.

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