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Design a Flowchart for a Process

When asked to think about a process I wish to improve on for this assignment I decided to create a new process for the completion of my course work in the completion of my MBA program.Throughout the first five classes of my 12 course program I have notice that the difference in grades from an A to a B has come down to my work ethics in classes.There are several factors that have contributed to why I have not been as successful as I want to be in classes.

My last course CRIB was a difficult class because I know math is a weaker subject for me and I let that intimidate me.

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Before that, I have a lot of outside projects I work on including a business startup so it has affected my ability and I was constantly tired from working two Jobs as well. When I finally had the energy to focus on my coursework, I sometime had issues understanding the work or material and although I could have asked being that it’s an online program sometimes I don’t understand math through written immunization.

While I did utilized the resources I still did not allow myself to get the time needed to actually understand the work. I ended up missing substantial points on my test. My flowchart design will Include my MBA coursework, and the metrics that will be applied will be time spent and grades and will be used to measure my flowcharts effectiveness. Start Review each class syllabus for the entire class Download all required course material Monday before each week starts revisit

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