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Collective bargaining

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Eighty five percent of renegotiation strikes are attributed to economics.

Question 6 5 out Of 5 points Where represented employees cross picket lines, the union's bargaining power is decreased because their crossing increases the employer's ability to operate. True

Question 7 In a slowdown, employees can seldom be disciplined because they are complying with the contract

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Question 8 In a single-employer negotiation, there is a dire need to defend against a whipsaw. False

Question 9 Private sector fact finders are not very successful on distributive bargaining Issues.

Question 10 IS called after a contract expires and usually after there is an impasse to pressure the employer to settle on the union's terms. An economic strike

Question 11 A slowdown most often involves working to rules.

Question 12 strikes most frequently involve plant administration issues and generally last three days or less. Wildcat

Question 13 Under the Taft-Hartley Act, if the parties are at an impasse and the contract has expired, in most circumstances the union is free to strike and the employer is free to lock out employees.

Question 14 Sometimes the objects of a strike move from place to place, such as a ship Ewing struck by a seafarers union. Which type of picketing is likely in such situations? Ambulatory site

Question 15 An initiative explores a company's business activity to uncover possible regulatory violations, tries to identify closely linked corporations, and analyzes its financial statements. The second phase involves publicizing items detrimental to the employer's interests that support the union's demands. What is this initiative an example of? Corporate campaign

Question 16 Which of the following firms might find it feasible to continue to operate using supervisors and other nonproductive workers? A firm with continuous flow operations

Question 17 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service mediators almost always have prior experience in negotiating contracts from the management perspective.

Question 18 According to a study, mediation strategies most often cited by unions as hastening settlement included devising an improved negotiating framework.

Question 19 Why are mediators unlikely to influence the direction of the outcome? Because their concern is not what either party achieves.

Question 20 Which of the following observations concerning boycotts is true? Boycotts are seldom used.

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Submitted Answers, Incorrectly Answered Questions Where strikes are banned, grievance rates are higher, particularly on economic issues. Public sector labor relations are similar across the 50 states. Duty-to-bargain laws substantially increase unionization beyond other public policy measures favorable to public sector unions. A study of firefighters' negotiations found that several factors predicted positive union outcomes. Which of these factors reflects multilateral bargaining? Elected official intervention at impasse What is the relationship between the costs of arbitration and the likelihood of parties negotiating their own settlement?

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