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Childhood and Pg

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How did Eddie die and why did he put himself in such danger? (pg. 15) he got smashed by a fiberglass cart from the drop nd to save a little girl Today is Eddie's Birthday (#1) What decade in the 1900s was Eddie born? (pg.

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Childhood and Pg

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. 21) Did Eddie save the little girl? (pg. 1) yes, we dont know Why do you think Eddie doesn't feel worry or pain?

Explain your answer. (pg. 22)its a earthly feeling Today is Eddie's Birthday (#2)How old is Eddie? And what is his party like? (pgs. 23-25)eddie is 5 it was fun with cake and he whore a cowboy costume Chapter 3: The Arrival Where does Eddie wake up? How is it different from what he remembered at the end of his life? (pgs. 26-27) ruby pier, old rides are still there How is Eddied different? What can he do that he hadn't done (or been able to do) for years? (pgs. 27-28) he can run At the end of the chapter, who is waiting for Eddie? (pg. 31). the blue man Chapter 4: The First Person Eddie Meets in Heaven Why does Eddie feel like a child? pg. 32) Hes back at his childhood place Where does the Blue Man tell Eddie he is? (pg. 34) In Heavan Why isn't Eddie happy with the answer? (pg. 34) He didnt want to believe it, he doesnt think that place is heavan According to the Blue Man, what is the purpose of heaven and how does it tie into the title: The Five People You Meet in Heaven? (pg. 35) (important to the novel's theme) To explain your life on earth What killed the Blue Man? (pg. 36) Eddie did. Based upon what you know about Eddie thus far, how do you think the Blue Man's evelation about who killed him affected Eddie?

Explain your answer. yes he felt guilty Today is Eddie's Birthday (#3)Based upon what happened in this section, who is braver: Eddie or Joe? Explain why. He gets the ball nd Joe runs off like a little Describe the Blue Man's childhood. Why doesn't his father care for him? (pgs. 39-40) he was shy and fidgety, He was ashamed of him for embarassing him Why is the Ruby Pier in the 1920s the Blue Man's heaven? (pg

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