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Change for the Better

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Never would he have thought that we would have ended up loving t there, falling in love, and learning about the culture as much as he did. Although a person's perception can be a good a thing, it also can get in the way of having a great friendship, learning something new, and Just being happy. Today's technology is very friendly in meeting new people on different sites like Backbone, Twitter, and Chattahoochee. Some peoples perception of meeting new people with technology that are around the world will get rid of their local cultures, traditions, and control over their cultures communication (Borderer, Borderer & Swollen, 2010, peg. 12). What people don't get Is technology Is one of the ways we learn the most about a culture. A way to get more respect for your culture Is to share It to people and not to be afraid to show It. When making friends you don't want to be the weird one, but for me seeing someone that Is so proud of their cultures Just makes me want to learn more about them. Plus you might be surprised that our cultures have some similarities and are part of the dominant culture. Having something in common is always a good base to a wonderful Friendship. Cultures in the world are what makes the world so interesting.

So many different things we can learn and discover where things came from. Now some people are to proud of there country to even take the time to learn about another country because they thing its wrong and their cultures is the right way of doing things. All the different cultures have probably something in common with one an other, and you will probably find out that a lot of them Just a have some tweaks to make them different. Learning about a culture that you are going to go visit Is respectful to the people of that country whether they are Into the big tradition or not.

In the end everyone is proud of their country's accomplishments and what they contributed to make the world it is today. Outsourced is a great way on showing how your perception affect your attitude and happiness. While Toad just wanting a burger, he went to a Mac Dona's to realize they don't sell burgers. He meets a character, named Bob, who was in the same predicament that Toad was in but for much longer. Bob told Toad that it doesn't get better until you accept Indian's culture. Once Toad finally accepted the culture he wanted to learn more about it and found a way to communicate better with the people of India.

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Toad was a more happy person, and even found love during his months In India. When you totally accept something, whether it's a different culture or It Is Just the way you look, you become a better and happy person. Perception Is a strong and powerful thing you use to view life situations. It Is always going to be with you whether you want it or not, and is something that we control our actions, and make up our mind about something we heaven full learned about. Perceptions can change your life for the better or for the worst. It comes down to how you take your perceptions and whether you let them change your life for the better.

Change for the Better essay

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