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Chanel Analysis Swot, 6 P’s

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Offer specific reasons including ethical implications, economic implications, and health effect etc. of fast food. With the pace of life speeding up, people increasingly depend on fast food. Many people prefer to eat fast food rather than cook by themselves, because fast food is more convenient and time – saving. In my opinion, people should not depend on fast food too much because fast food’s impact has been negative, as fast food has endangered people’s health, family life, traditional culture, and has even caused ecological change to the environment.

Firstly, the safety of fast food ingredients is really worrisome. During the last several years, more and more safety problems of fast food have been exposed by the media. For example, many restaurants add too many preservatives to fast food in order to maintain the freshness of food, or they added varying additives to enrich the taste and look of food. It is really bad for people’s health and many kinds of preservatives and additives are subject to blastomogens, such as tonyred, leavening agent, benzoyl peroxide, and so on.

In addition, in order to reduce cost, more and more restaurants choose to use inferior seasonings. For example, industrial salt instead of edible salt is used as seasoning. It is known to us all that the main ingredient of industrial salt is nitrite which is a kind of poisonous and harmful substance and its lethal dose is only 3g (E Hyytia, S Eerola, S Hielm & H Korkeala 1997). Furthermore, some fast food which is subject to acid-forming diet and will lead to the souring of body fluid if people depend on them overly (Cheng, Tsung O. 2004).

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Then, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and some other elements in our bodies will be neutralized, so more and more children are suffering rickets and other kinds of diseases which are caused by a lack of calcium. Secondly, fast food reduces communication time among family members, so that intimacy is affected. Dinner time is supposed to be a good chance for family members to chat and communicate with each other. After a tiring day of school and the company, children and parents are eager to exchange something interesting or exciting. Not only the time in table, even preparation time and dish washing time should be spent together.

That’s how family love and happiness is developed. However, with the development of fast food, dinner time has changed into pizza time, coke time and hamburger time. You only need to make a call. They would deliver what you order in fifteen minutes without anytime to enjoy taste of home – made food, the faithful fast food lovers finish the dinner as soon as possible and then take out the remote control, watching football games or soap operas. No wonder parents often complain about strange feelings with children. Thirdly, fast food, especially western fast food, has a negative impact on local traditional culture (Goodman, Peter S. 004). There is no doubt that diet is one part of traditional culture. Take China for example. China is an agricultural country, so Chinese people have always regarded diet as a very important part of life. Chinese people not only care about nutrition, but also love good taste and appearance. As for cooking methods, we can boil, steam, stir, stew and smoke. More importantly, we love quality time when we are sitting with family or friends, chatting and laughing. However, when KFC opened its first restaurant in Beijing on November 12th 1987, traditional culture began to decline.

Later, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway entered to China one by one, and they changed the younger generations thinking about food. At the very beginning, Chinese people entered KFC because of curiosity. Later the young generation was attracted by fast food culture. They even regard it as a fashion. The traditional dietary culture can’t have a good development without the support of younger generation. Fourthly, fast food industry is harmful to the environment. The main ingredient of western fast food is meat, including pork, beef and chicken.

To produce one pound of meat one needs five pounds of grains. The quantity of water used in animal farming is eight times that of in plant farming. That is to say producing meat uses more resources. When the globe is having more and more population, resources, such as water, soil and grain, are valuable. We should eat less meat and refuse fast food to protect environment. However, it doesn’t mean that fast food has no advantages. Eating fast food is helpful for us to work efficiently, so, so many people still choose eating fast food as often as they can.

In addition, many people, especially young people, regard eating in western fast food restaurant as a kind of symbol of taste. Since young people don’t have much money, they can’t afford fancy restaurants. When they eat out, they have to choose between small Chinese restaurants and western fast food restaurants. When they enter these small restaurants, they often see greasy floor and tables, smell smoking air and hear noisy talking. But things are quite different in western fast food restaurants. You will be served with clean floor, warm smile and peaceful environment.

That’s why young people would choose to meet friends, review their lesson and surf the Internet there. Because of these factors, western fast food restaurants have become a symbol of style and class. However, their idea goes against the purpose of fast food. Fast food is supposed to save time, but when they are surfing the Internet or chatting with friends, they are wasting too much time.

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