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Cell Phone Radiation

The radiation protection to be practiced > cell phone radiation During normal use, over half of the radiation transmitted by your mobile phone is absorbed by your head or body. Around 80% of the phone’s microwave emissions are absorbed by the head. Only shielding or distance to the phone can reduce their severe impact.

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The United Nations World Health Organization has classified mobile phone radiation as possibly cancer causing and advise that it is important for mobile phone users to minimize exposure by utilizing hands free devices or texting. Always use speakerphone or proven radiation safety accessories.

Steps that should be take to reduce cell phone radiation : > use the speakerphone because the cell phone radiation drops exponentially by distance, so, the further away the phone is from your head the better. > limit the use to essential calls and keep calls short because even a two minute call has been found to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour after-wards. > children should not be allowed to use the cell phone, except in emergencies because their skulls are still developing and the radiation can penetrate much more deeply. use an air tube headset (not regular wired headset) because research has shown that regular wired headset could transmit radiation into the ear canal. > do not put cell phone in your pocket or belt while in use or while it is on because men who wear cell phones near their groin could have their sperms count dropped by as much as 30%. > if using phone without a headset, wait for the call to connect before placing phones next to the ear because radiation level is higher while phone is still trying to make a connection. Most cell phones emit the most adiation when they first connect with the cell tower. > do not use the cell phones in enclosed metal spaces such as vehicles or elevators because phones need more power to make connection. The metal enclosure also traps the radiation and reflects it back at the occupants. > do not make a call when the signal strength is one bar or less because the phone must work harder to establish a connection and thus emits more radiation. > buy a phone with low radiation rating because the phone’s SAR ( Specific Absorption Rate ) can be found in manual.

The lower the SAR value from the FCC limit of 1. 6 W/kg , the better. > use scientifically proven cell phone radiation reducing or protection device. > Keep Your Distance because the intensity of cell phone radiation diminishes quickly as your distance from your cell phone increases, and every millimeter counts. You can protect yourself from the effects of cell phone radiation by holding your cell phone away from your body and use a wireless Bluetooth headset or earpiece, which emit radiation at far lower levels than cell phones.

Other than that, you can carry your cell phone away from your body – in a purse, briefcase or computer bag – not in your pocket where it is pressed up against you. > Try Texting, Not Talking – When you send a text message from your cell phone, you hold your phone away from your body, and far away from your head, which reduces your exposure to radiation. > Find a Strong Signal and Stay Put -When your cell phone has a weak signal, it has to work harder to transmit and receive, and that equals higher bursts of radiation.

You face the same problem when you are moving quickly – riding in a car, bus or train, for example – because your cell phone is forced to repeatedly emit new bursts of radiation as it connects to different cell towers along your route. > Use the Toggle Method – you can reduce your radiation exposure by holding the phone away from your ear when you are talking and only bringing it close to listen. Using a headset or speaker mode is still the better option, but the toggle method can cut the amount of radiation your brain and body absorbs.

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