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Abandoned – Creative Writing

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Private Michael Thompson was at the front, holding his assault rifle which he had trained with so much, hoping it would help him against what they were fighting. They were called in for riot control, but they soon realised it was no ordinary riot. These guys took twenty bullets, and kept coming. Other soldiers who were attacked were joining them. The only option left was to hold them in the town, until a tactical nuclear strike could be prepared.

The barricades were in front of him and he looked around nervously, memorizing the faces of the other forty soldiers around him, They were nervous as well. All of them. They had just escorted one survivor to an evacuation vehicle. He was the only survivor that had heeded their calls. He was screaming, "They're coming! They're coming!-Just blow the city up. You can't stop them!"

That hadn't helped anyone's nerves. They had been given orders to shoot to kill on any target they deemed hazardous. He could hear the wind blowing, and some birds singing behind him. Worst of all, he could hear the riot, the shuffling of thousands of feet, the screams that sounded inhuman-More like groans.

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Suddenly there was silence. All the soldiers tensed. They readied their rifles as one. They had a man set up with tear gas to break the crowd. Everyone raised their rifles. Their commanding officer, began barking out orders. He heard, and moved to his assigned spot.

The shuffling started again, quicker than before, and they all knew the riot was headed towards them. They waited, listening. The crowd appeared about a third of a mile down the road. The Sergeant immediately ordered the rifle man to open fire. They argued about opening fire on civilians, but not for long. They started firing into the crowd. The ones they hit didn't go down. They just kept coming, just as reported in the briefing.

The sergeant started yelling,"Hit them in the head, you morons, the head!"

The sharpshooters adjusted their aims, and started dropping people in the crowd. They never screamed, they didn't even flinch. They just kept shuffling towards the barricade, silently. Everyone was a little afraid when the things came within easy firing range. They opened up in small bursts, bringing down many of the people. There were so many of them. The things were beating on the steel barricade, and reaching through the slots. Michael just kept shooting like he was ordered to.

One to the left, one to the right, he didn't realise he was crying with fear, until the sergeant pulled him away as the barricade toppled. They began running. The sergeant was screaming for everyone to form around him, but no-one listened. They were smart, they kept running. Twenty men had died at the barricade, and no-one else wanted to join them. Michael followed the Sergeant through a couple of alleyways, and out into an empty street.

The sergeant pulled out his portable radio, and started radioing for backup, heavy backup. The only response he got was the one that sealed their fate,"Red Wings, you're on your own on this mission."

Michael looked around at the grotesque caricatures of humanity closing in from both sides of the street, and he began running too. The Sergeant screamed his last scream as he was pulled down and Michael came close, but he broke away from the gruesome crowd, running like he never knew he could. He ran, they were still right behind him, not the same ones, different ones. There were so many of them.

He ducked down an alley to run to the next street, but it was a dead end. Nowhere else to run! He hid in a bin and it was only a minute before he heard them surrounding it. They pounded on it with such ferocity he feared they'd break in, but they didn't. He sat in the bin and cried, knowing he'd never leave this place. Sally, his wife would never even learn he was dead. The things had breached the borders of the city and were spilling out in every direction now. He thought back to that civilian. He understood now and he hoped to god they would nuke the town and surrounding areas. The lives sacrificed would be small compared to how many would be lost if they didn't

The bin was sliding, but he knew they'd never flip it. He had plenty of bullets left, so he sighed his last sigh, climbed on top of the dumpster and began firing on them, tears clouding his vision. He mowed down more than any other soldier had and when his ammunition ran out in his assault rifle, he drew his pistol. He fired 13 shots with it, killing twelve zombies. It was the end for him and he knew it. He stood still in the street, thinking about sally and how he would never see her again. He did not scream in pain as the grotesque things attacked him, he was a true solider to his last breath.

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