Case Study: Time Management

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Why do projects fail? Is it because of unrealistic deadlines, misunderstanding, underestimation of efforts or perhaps because of technical difficulties? In this Study, we will determine the entire problem in this situation by stating them. II. Analysis of the Problem In this Scenario, we can see that there was a project for a consulting company contracted to provide a new online Registration System at a local University. They developed a detailed Schedule and Network to help organize the project, keeping the reject on track turned to be more difficult.

Managing people issues and resolving schedule conflicts were two of the biggest challenges. The problem for them was that too many employees took unplanned Vacations and missed or rescheduled project review meetings these changes made it difficult for them, and the other problem Is one of their senior Programmer on their team quits, and It would take extra time for a new person to get up to Speed, It was still early In the project but they know that they were falling behind. Ill. Resolution What should be the possible Solutions?

In this problem, there are so many possible solutions in this situation. They need to set schedule, and more extra time for them to fulfill their project. They must be careful for what they're doing because every second Is Important for building this project. IV. Recommendation What should be the recommended to resolve the stated problem? They have to respect each other and they don't need to underestimate the effort of anyone of them, but the most Important Is understands each other because this will lead them to a success.

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