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Hello there. I understand you are thinking of entering the care profession as a support worker. As a support worker we all have a duty of care to clients. The duty of care is to ensure that we act in the best possible way to keep our clients safe from harm, while at the same time not taking away their independence or their right to make individual choices. T is to make sure they have the risks & consequences explained to them in whichever manner they understand (written, verbal,flash cards, brail etc) Our duty of care ranges from helping to make or uphold sections about medicines to taking or making complaints & making sure they are taken down In the suitable form & reported to managers. If at anytime you are unsure abbot your competence in completing a duty of car, always tell some one or ask for help / extra training. If you fail in a duty of care & it ends up going to court, you won't have any defense if you knew you didn't have the competence to fulfill the task.

When becoming a care professional the duty of care affects our work role on a daily basis, the same as all professionals such as doctors, nurses & teachers. People have a right to expect a level of professional support that will keep them safe from neglect & harm. We are there to provide that support. The Code of Practice e the Mental Capacity Act 2005 should always be followed & referred to. It Is also a duty of care to treat people with diddling & respect. I hope this gives you an insight on your impending career change. Yours faithfully

Mrs. Aimed choosing the food she wants to will be harmful to her health, therefore I need to have a chat with her to try get her to understand the consequences of it. I with food. Chat to Mrs. Aimed about her choices & ask her to take into consideration her health & offer alternatives. Chat to the medical staff responsible for Mrs. Aimed diet & see if an alternative could be found. 82 My manager Mrs. Aimed healthcare professionals Mrs. Aimed care plan (past & present) l need to provide a duty of care to Leon to stop him from being exploited by his new friend. Ask staff at his social housing about the friend & the console & if Leon has mentioned it to them Contact the friend & explain to them that the console should be brought back as soon as possible. l would be neglecting Leon if I didn't help to get the console back. Try to explain to Leon about him being vulnerable to new people & that I am there to help & protect him as best I can. Advice from my manager regarding how far this needs to go in order to get the console back (maybe a police matter) Advice from Leone supported living staff regarding any previous problems like this.

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